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80�s Server Crossword Puzzle

This site has on-line crossword puzzles. You must be an 80�s Server VIP Member to play or to see any of the crosswords.

A1 Puzzles and Crosswords

A1 Puzzles and Crosswords is interactive; it gives you the ability to solve these crosswords while you are on-line. The owner of the site creates them. There are sample crosswords on the site or register with a fee to access all the crossword puzzles.

Ask Oxford

This site provides assistance with English grammar, spelling, usage, and writing. You can search a dictionary of words, names or quotations. There are also crosswords and word puzzles on this site.

Chambers Online Cryptic Crossword

A new Chambers Online Crossword is posted at the beginning of each month. All answers can be found in The Chambers Dictionary. Their site contains their past crossword puzzles.

Crossword Essay

A lengthy essay on pretty much every aspect of American-style crossword puzzles. It includes an explanation on how to play, relationship between clues & answers, rules for scoring in tournaments, errors in NYT crosswords, etc.

Crossword Puzzle Games

This web site offers 32,400 free crossword puzzles and tools for people who enjoy word games. You can get help with a puzzle or create your own. Services are for free.


This site contains hundreds of easy and cryptic US and UK crosswords. They can be solved online or printed and solved on paper. All the puzzles are family-friendly.

Guardian Unlimited Crosswords

Guardian Unlimited Crosswords are easy to use (though not to solve), printer-friendly and have special cheating and checking options for less dedicated puzzlers. There is a fee for the crosswords.

Heritage News Crossword

This is the crossword found in the Heritage Newspaper. You can print the crossword and the solution. They also have archives of their crosswords.


Browser-based SCRABBLE� word unscrambler. This site also contains rhyming, crossword puzzle, quotations, thesaurus, anagrams & Pig Latin.

MacNamara's Band Inc. Crossword Puzzles

This site features hundreds of downloadable crossword puzzles by Time magazine editor Fred Piscop. All downloads and services are free. Also offers custom-made puzzles (for a fee) for your company and personalized puzzles for your friends and family.


Crossword and Puzzle community with more than 100 new puzzles each month. Puzzlers can get together and solve each others crosswords, rank them etc.


Questique is a strategy crossword board game; rare amongst skill based games, as it can be played by children, families and adults. A simple handicapping system allows mixed ability groups to all compete as equals. Crosswords

This is a crossword puzzle index with links to several sites containing crossword puzzles. You can search for crossword puzzles sites on their site and additionally they have a google search box.

This site contains crosswords, word searches, jigsaw puzzles, words, and wordplay, including Tom Swifties, palindromes, tongue twisters, and silly authors. There is also a daily section of new puzzles.

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