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Crickler Daily Crossword

This new type of crossword puzzle adapts to your skill level. There is a new puzzle every day.


Free online crossword puzzles every day! Their specialized software algorithms build new crossword puzzles each night. You play the games on-line.

Crosswords, Word Puzzles, and More

Each day, a new crossword and wordseach is uploaded for printing. You can search for hundreds that are already in the archives.

New York Times: Crosswords

The New York Times Crosswords section offers the following features for all visitors, with a free registration: A free classic puzzle from the New York Times archive every week; Crossword forums; and Trivia quizzes. The features for Premium Crosswords subscribers include: Online access to the daily crossword puzzle; new ways to play, including Play against the Clock, Play with a Friend, and Challenge Matches.

Quizland Crossword of the Day

This site offers a new crossword each day and keeps the puzzles backlogged for a week. Also offers the option for a "much harder" crossword of the day. All of the puzzles on this site are free.

Sun-Herald Crossword

A daily crossword puzzle from the Sun-Herald Newspaper. You have the choice between two difficulty settings: regular or master. This site contains a print option.

Third Age Crosswords

This site offers a daily crossword with a choice between two difficulty levels. Also has features that allow you to solve portions of a puzzle when you are stuck but do not want to view the entire solution.

Universal Crossword

This site contains daily crosswords submitted by different people (edited by Thomas Davis). You can play archived crosswords. All navigation is accomplished through labeled buttons. You can print puzzle and the solution.

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