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FC Tweet Definition of FC Like Definition of FC on Facebook
  1. Foster Care
    1. Family Court
    2. (finance) finance charge
  2. Football Club
fiber Tweet Definition of fiber Like Definition of fiber on Facebook
noun (fibre, fibres outside US)
  1. (countable) A single piece of a given material, elongated and roughly round in cross-section, often twisted with other fibers to form thread.
The microscope showed a single blue stuck to the sole of the shoe.
  1. (uncountable) Material in the form of fibers.
The cloth was made from strange, somewhat rough .
  1. (textiles) A material whose length is 1000 times its width or more.
Please find use polyester for this shirt.
  1. Dietary fiber.
Fresh vegetables are a good source of fiber'.''
  1. Moral strength and resolve.
The ordeal was a test of everyone's .
  1. (mathematics) The preimage of a given point in the range of a map.
Under this map, any two values in the of a given point on the circle differ by 2π
fiberscope Tweet Definition of fiberscope Like Definition of fiberscope on Facebook
noun biderscope
  1. a flexible fibreoptic device for viewing otherwise inaccessible areas
field Tweet Definition of field Like Definition of field on Facebook
  1. A land area free of woodland, cities, and towns; open country.
  2. A wide, open space that is usually used to grow crops or to hold farm animals.
  3. The open country near or belonging to a city -- usually used in plural.
  4. (physics) A region affected by a particular force.
magnetic field
  1. A course of study or domain of knowledge or practice.
  2. (mathematics) A set having two operations called addition and multiplication under both of which all the elements of the set are commutative and associative; for which multiplication distributes over addition; and for both of which there exist an identity element and an inverse element.
The set of rational numbers, <math>\mathbb{Q}</math>, is the prototypical field.
  1. (sport) An area reserved for playing a game.
soccer field
  1. (geology) A region containing a particular mineral.
oil field or oilfield
gold field or goldfield
  1. (heraldry) The background of the shield
  2. (computing) An area of memory or storage reserved for a particular value.
  1. (context, transitive, sport) To intercept or catch (a ball) and play it.
  2. (context, transitive, sport) To place a team in (a game).
  3. (transitive) To answer, accept or address.
She will questions immediately after her presentation.
fix Tweet Definition of fix Like Definition of fix on Facebook
  1. An instance of fix
    1. Verb, fixing.
    2. A difficult situation or dilemma.
    3. A serving of an addictive drug to an addict.
    "Just one !" -Alain Jourgensen
verb (fix, es)
  1. To mend or repair.
  2. To attach; to affix.
  3. To prepare. He fixed dinner for the kids.
  4. To make a contest, vote, or gamble unfair; to privilege one contestant, usually before the content happens.
  5. To make a business of getting paid to arrange immunity for defendants by tampering with the justice system via bribery or extortion<ref>Sutherland, Edwin H. (ed) (1937): The Professional Thief: by a Professional Thief. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Reprinted by various publishers in subsequent decades.</ref>
  6. To render an animal (especially a pet) infertile.
FL Tweet Definition of FL Like Definition of FL on Facebook
  1. Florida, a state of the United States of America.
  2. foreign language
flare Tweet Definition of flare Like Definition of flare on Facebook
  1. A brightly burning light used to attract attention in an emergency, or to illuminate an area.
The flares steered the traffic away from the accident.
  1. A widening of the lower legs of trousers and jeans.
That's a genuine early '70's on those pants.
  1. (aircraft) The transition from downward flight to level flight just before landing.
The captain executed the perfectly, and we lightly touched down.
  1. (baseball) A low fly ball that is hit in the region between the infielders and the outfielders
Jones hits a little to left that falls for a single.
verb (flar, ing)
  1. (intransitive): To blaze brightly.
The blast furnace flared in the night.
  1. (intransitive): To burn unsteadily.
  2. (intransitive): To burst out suddenly, as in anger (often with up or out.)
The insult made him up.
  1. (transitive): to make flare.
focal length Tweet Definition of focal length Like Definition of focal length on Facebook
  1. (optics) The distance from the center of a lens or curved mirror to the image from an object at infinity (effectively at a distance very much greater than the focal length).
focal point Tweet Definition of focal point Like Definition of focal point on Facebook
  1. (optics) A focus; a point at which rays of light or other radiation converge
  2. The centre of any activity
fringe Tweet Definition of fringe Like Definition of fringe on Facebook
  1. A decorative border.
  2. A marginal or peripheral part.
  3. Those members of a political party etc. holding unorthodox views.
  4. The periphery of a town or city.
  5. That part of the hair that hangs down over the eyes (US bangs).
  6. (physics) A light or dark band formed by the diffraction of light.
  7. (The Fringe) non-mainstream theatre.
verb (fring, ing)
  1. (transitive) To decorate with fringe.
  2. (transitive) To serve as a fringe.
  1. Outside the mainstream

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