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salutatorian Tweet Definition of salutatorian Like Definition of salutatorian on Facebook
noun (Plural:salutatorians)
  1. The person who graduates high school with the second highest GPA and is thus gives a salutatorian's address during the graduation ceremony.
salutatory Tweet Definition of salutatory Like Definition of salutatory on Facebook
noun (Plural:salutatories)
  1. A greeting or an address or speech of greeting.
  1. Referring to a salutation,a greeting.
scholarly Tweet Definition of scholarly Like Definition of scholarly on Facebook
  1. of, or related to scholars or scholarship
scholarship Tweet Definition of scholarship Like Definition of scholarship on Facebook
  1. a grant-in-aid to a student
  2. the character or quality, qualities of a scholar
  3. activity, methods or attainments of a scholar
  4. the body of knowledge accrued by study or research in a certain field
scholastic Tweet Definition of scholastic Like Definition of scholastic on Facebook
  1. a philosopher who works within the tradition of scholasticism
  1. relating to school; academic
    • This award is for the greatest scholastic achievement by a graduating student.
      1. (Philosophy:) relating to the philosophical tradition or school of scholasticism
school Tweet Definition of school Like Definition of school on Facebook
  1. (context, US, Canada) An institution dedicated to teaching and learning; an educational institution.
Our children attend a public in our neighborhood.
''Harvard University is a famous American postsecondary .
  1. An educational institution providing primary and secondary education, prior to tertiary education (college or university).
  2. Within a larger educational institution, an organizational unit, such as a department or institute, which is dedicated to a specific subject area.
We are enrolled in the same university, but I attend the School of Economics and my brother is in the School of Music.
  1. (italbrac, considered collectively) The followers of a particular doctrine; a particular way of thinking or particular doctrine; a school of thought.
These economists belong to the monetarist .
  1. A group of fish or a group of marine mammals such as porpoises, dolphins, or whales.
The divers encountered a huge of mackerel.
  1. The time during which classes are attended or in session in an educational institution.
I'll see you after .
school age Tweet Definition of school age Like Definition of school age on Facebook
  1. An age of a person when attending lower-level schools is customary. The period in a one's life when one is legally required to attend school.
He's no school-aged child; he's in college now.
school board Tweet Definition of school board Like Definition of school board on Facebook
  1. A governing body of people elected to oversee management of a school district and represent the interests of residents.
schoolbook Tweet Definition of schoolbook Like Definition of schoolbook on Facebook
noun (Plural:schoolbooks)
  1. A textbook, a book used, or prepared for use, in school.
schoolfellow Tweet Definition of schoolfellow Like Definition of schoolfellow on Facebook
  1. someone who goes to the same school; a schoolmate
schooling Tweet Definition of schooling Like Definition of schooling on Facebook
  1. training or instruction
  2. education
  3. the training of a horse at dressage
  1. (present participle of, school)
schoolmaster Tweet Definition of schoolmaster Like Definition of schoolmaster on Facebook
  1. The person in charge of a school.
schoolwork Tweet Definition of schoolwork Like Definition of schoolwork on Facebook
  1. Work done for school, including both in class and homework.
    I'm 40, but now that I'm back going for my degree I'm swamped with .
secondary school Tweet Definition of secondary school Like Definition of secondary school on Facebook
  1. In the UK, a state school attended between the ages of 11 and 16 or 18.
secular Tweet Definition of secular Like Definition of secular on Facebook
  1. not specifically religious
  2. not bound by the vows of a monastic order
clergy in Catholicism
  1. temporal; something that is worldly or otherwise not based on something timeless
  2. happening from age to age, as the secular games of ancient Rome
  3. (rfd-sense) short-term (term used in finance)
  4. long-term.
The long-term growth in population and income accounts for most trends in economic phenomena.
semester Tweet Definition of semester Like Definition of semester on Facebook
  1. Half of a school year such as fall or spring semester
I will graduate at the end of the spring .
  1. A term divided in two
seminar Tweet Definition of seminar Like Definition of seminar on Facebook
  1. A class held for advanced studies in which students meet regularly to discuss original research, under the guidance of a professor.
  2. A meeting held for the exchange of useful information by members of a common business community.
seminary Tweet Definition of seminary Like Definition of seminary on Facebook
  1. a theological school for the training of rabbis, priests, or ministers
  2. a private residential school for girls
senior Tweet Definition of senior Like Definition of senior on Facebook
  1. an older person
four years her
  1. a final-year student at a high school or university.
  1. older
  2. Higher in rank within a publicly traded company or other organization.
  3. of or pertaining to a student's final academic year at a high school or university.
session Tweet Definition of session Like Definition of session on Facebook
  1. A period devoted to a particular activity; a training session.
  2. A meeting of a council, court, or legislative body to conduct its buisness.
  1. (computing) Used in reference to web applications, a session is the sequence of interactions between the server and a user. A users session can store persistent data between different web pages. For instance, a person might login to a site on one page, then go on using other pages on the site. The login step begins a session where the server tracks information about that specific user. Sessions typically expire after a set time of non-interaction and are removed from the server's memory.
  2. (cricket) A period of play in which the players only leave the field at a change of innings; the three sessions are between start of play, lunch, tea and close of play
skip Tweet Definition of skip Like Definition of skip on Facebook
  1. A leaping, jumping or skipping movement.
  2. An open-topped rubbish bin, ranging in size from perhaps 1.5x1.5 metres up to 6x3 metres, designed to be lifted onto the back of a truck to take away both bin and contents. See also skep.
  3. (slang) An Australian person of Anglo-Celtic descent. Used by people of southern European descent (those who the "skips" in turn call "wogs"), not used by Anglo Australians themselves. Usually taken to be from w:Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and not of itself insulting (though might be used as such).
2001: Effie: How did you find the second, the defacto, and what nationality is she? <br> Barber: She is Australian.<br> Effie: Is she? Gone for a skip. You little radical you. <br> &mdash; w:Mary Coustas, Mary Coustas as her character w:Effie, Effie, TV series Effie: Just Quietly, 2001, episode Nearest and Dearest
  1. (curling)The player who call the shots, calls the shots and traditionally throws the last two rocks
  2. Short for skipper, the master or captain of a ship.
verb (skip, p, ed)
  1. To move by hopping on alternate feet.
  2. To leap about lightly.
  3. To skim, ricochet or bounce over a surface.
  4. To omit or disregard intermediate items or stages.
my heart just skipped a beat.
  1. To place an item in a skip.
socialize Tweet Definition of socialize Like Definition of socialize on Facebook
verb (socializ, ing)
  1. (intransitive) To interact with others
  2. (transitive) To instruct, usually subconsciously, in the etiquette of a society
  3. (transitive) To take into collective or governmental ownership
sophomore Tweet Definition of sophomore Like Definition of sophomore on Facebook
  1. A second-year undergraduate student in a college or university, or a second-year student in a four-year secondary school or high school.
She was very mature for a and had several friends who were juniors or even seniors.
  1. (context, horse-racing) A three year old horse.
The filly had looked promising as a , but concerns over her health had prompted the owner to pull her from the season's early races.
  1. The second in a series, especially, the second of an artist's albums or the second of four years in a secondary or post-secondary school.
The band's album built upon the success of their debut release, catapulting them to megastardom.
sophomoric Tweet Definition of sophomoric Like Definition of sophomoric on Facebook
  1. of, relating to, or characteristic of a sophomore
  2. conceited and overconfident of knowledge but poorly informed and immature
spell Tweet Definition of spell Like Definition of spell on Facebook
  1. words or a formula supposed to have magical powers; a magical incantation.
he cast a to cure warts.
  1. a magical effect induced by an incantation or formula.
under a
  1. a relatively short period of time of indeterminate length.
We"re in the midst of a cold .
He had a of bad luck.
  1. (cricket) an uninterrupted series of alternate overs bowled by a single bowler
  2. (horseracing) time off from competition
verb (spells, spelling, spelled or spelt)
  1. to comprise a word, as the letters "a", "n" and "d" spell "and".
  2. to write or say the letters that form a word or part of a word.
  3. to mean, indicate or signify
This spells trouble.
  1. to work in place of someone else; to relieve.
speller Tweet Definition of speller Like Definition of speller on Facebook
  1. A person who spells (words).
I'm a good speller.
stipend Tweet Definition of stipend Like Definition of stipend on Facebook
  1. a fixed payment, generally small and occurring at regular intervals; a modest allowance
My for doing public service is barely enough to cover living expenses.
student Tweet Definition of student Like Definition of student on Facebook
  1. A person who study, studies a particular academic subject.
A of philosophy.
  1. (figuratively) A person seriously devoted to some subject, whether academic or not.
He is a of life.
  1. A person enrolled at a university.
The students were out raising funds for rag week.
  1. (context, especially, US) A schoolchild.
study Tweet Definition of study Like Definition of study on Facebook
noun (studies)
  1. The act of acquiring knowledge on a subject through concentration.
The study of languages is fascinating.
  1. A room in a house intended for reading and writing.
  2. An artwork made in order to practise or demonstrate a subject or technique.
verb (stud, i, ed)
  1. To acquire knowledge on a subject through concentration on prepared learning materials.
subject Tweet Definition of subject Like Definition of subject on Facebook
  1. (grammar) In a clause: the word or word group (usually a noun phrase) that is dealt with. In active clauses with verbs denoting an action, the and the actor are usually the same.
"In the sentence "The mouse is eaten by the cat in the kitchen.", "The mouse" is the , "the cat" being the agent."
  1. The main topic of a paper, work of art, discussion, etc.
  2. A particular area of study.
Her favorite is physics.
  1. A citizen in a monarchy.
I am a British .
  1. A person ruled over by another, especially a monarch or state authority
  1. (followed by to) To cause (someone or something) to undergo a particular experience, especially one that is unpleasant or unwanted.
  1. Pertaining to a person or people who are ruled by another.
The Roman Empire ruled many territories.
summer school Tweet Definition of summer school Like Definition of summer school on Facebook
  1. any of various academic sessions held in the summer at schools or universities when the usual students are away; either for supplementary or remedial study or as part of distance learning
supervisor Tweet Definition of supervisor Like Definition of supervisor on Facebook
  1. (management) A person with the official task of overseeing the work of a person or group.

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