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P Tweet Definition of P Like Definition of P on Facebook
  1. The sixteenth letter of the Appendix:Roman script, English alphabet, preceded by O and followed by Q.
  1. Park
  2. Phone
  3. Pager
  4. Passenger
panhellenic Tweet Definition of panhellenic Like Definition of panhellenic on Facebook
  1. of or relating to all Greece or all the Greeks.
  2. of or relating to the Greek alphabet, Greek-letter fraternity, fraternities or sorority, sororities in American college and universities or to an assocation representing them.
parental home Tweet Definition of parental home Like Definition of parental home on Facebook
  1. A home that a child or young adult shares with a parent, guardian, or a person acting in the capacity of a parent or guardian. Home of one's parents or guardians.
period Tweet Definition of period Like Definition of period on Facebook
  1. (context, now mostly, North America) Punctuation mark ending a sentence or marking an abbreviation. <!-- What languages does this apply to? All? Or just most? Should it be
  1. appropriate, Appropriate for a given historical era.
    • 2004, Mark Singer, Somewhere in America, Houghton Mifflin, page 70
    • :As the guests arrived &mdash; there were about a hundred, a majority in attire &mdash; I began to feel out of place in my beige summer suit, white shirt, and red necktie. Then I got over it. I certainly didn't suffer from Confederate-uniform envy.
phonics Tweet Definition of phonics Like Definition of phonics on Facebook
  1. The study of how the sounds of words are represented by spelling
  2. A method of teaching elementary reading based on the phonetic interpretation of normal spelling
  3. Phonetics
point Tweet Definition of point Like Definition of point on Facebook
  1. A location or place.
  2. (geometry) A zero-dimensional mathematical object representing a location in one or more dimensions.
  3. A particular moment in an event or occurrence.
At this point in the meeting, I'd like to propose a new item for the agenda.
  1. The sharp tip of an object.
  2. A peninsula.
  3. (arithmetic) A decimal point (used when reading decimal fractions aloud).
10.5 ("ten point five"; = ten and a half)
  1. An opinion which adds (or supposedly adds) to the discussion.
  2. A unit of measure of success or failure in a game or competition; the unit of score, scoring.
The one with the most points will win the game
Germany awarded Greece the maximum 12 points in the Eurovision Song Contest.
  1. The color/colour on the extremities of an animal (typically darker or richer) than the rest of the coat).
The point color of that cat was a deep, rich sable.
  1. (rail transport, Commonwealth) a device by which trains change tracks; switch
  2. (cricket) a fielding position square of the wicket on the off side, between gully and cover.
  3. The position at the front or vanguard of an advancing force.
    • 2005: Willie Jones decided to become Kimani Jones, Black Panther, on the day his best friend, Otis Nicholson, stepped on a mine while walking during a sweep in the central highlands. " Martin Torgoff, Can't Find My Way Home (Simon & Schuster 2005, p. 189)
    • (nautical) An angle equivalent to eleven and a quarter degrees, that is 1/32 of a circle. Most commonly used to indicate a relative bearing to an object or vessel, but can be used to describe a compass bearing.
  1. (intransitive) To extend the index finger in the direction of something in order to show where it is or to draw attention to it.
It's rude to at other people.
  1. (transitive) To direct or encourage (someone) in a particular direction
If he asks for food, him toward the refrigerator.
practicum Tweet Definition of practicum Like Definition of practicum on Facebook
noun (pl=practica or practicums)
  1. a college course designed to give a student supervised practical knowledge of a subject previously studied theoretically
praepostor Tweet Definition of praepostor Like Definition of praepostor on Facebook
  1. a prefect in some public schools
prepositor Tweet Definition of prepositor Like Definition of prepositor on Facebook
  1. A scholar appointed to inspect other scholars; a monitor.
preschool Tweet Definition of preschool Like Definition of preschool on Facebook
  1. a nursery school
  1. of, or relating to early childhood, especially to those years before attendance at primary school
probation Tweet Definition of probation Like Definition of probation on Facebook
  1. a period of time when a person occupies a position only conditionally and may easily be removed for poor performance
  • You'll be on for first six months. After that, if you work out, they'll hire you permanently.
    1. a type of sentence where convicted criminals are allowed to continue living in the community but will automatically be sent to jail if they violate certain conditions
  • He got two years for robbery.
  • professor Tweet Definition of professor Like Definition of professor on Facebook
    1. A teacher or faculty member at a college or university.
    2. A higher ranking for a teacher or faculty member at a college or university. Abbreviated Prof.
    3. (context, US, slang) A pianist in a saloon, brothel, etc.
      • 2006, Thomas Pynchon, Against the Day, Vintage 2007, p. 415:
      • :You could hear ... pianos under the hands of whorehouse professors sounding like they came with keys between the keys.
    project Tweet Definition of project Like Definition of project on Facebook
    1. A planned endeavor, usually with a specific goal and accomplished in several steps or stages.
    2. An urban low-income housing building.
    1. (intransitive) To extend beyond a surface.
    2. (transitive) To cast (an image or shadow) upon a surface.
    3. (transitive) To extend (a protrusion or appendage) outward.
    4. (transitive) To make plans for; to forecast.
      • The CEO is projecting the completion of the acquisition by April 2007.
    promote Tweet Definition of promote Like Definition of promote on Facebook
    verb (promot, ing)
    1. (transitive) To raise someone to a more important, responsible or better paid job or rank
    He promoted his chief clerk to a position on the board.
    1. (transitive) To advocate or urge the adoption of something
    They promoted the abolition of daylight saving time.
    1. (transitive) To attempt to popularize or sell a product by advertising or publicity
    They promoted the new film with giant billboards.
    provost Tweet Definition of provost Like Definition of provost on Facebook
    1. (Scottish local government) The equivalent of mayor in some Scottish cities.
    2. (higher education) The senior academic administrator; also called the Vice-President of Academic Affairs.
    3. (religion) The most powerful position in a monastery below the abbot.
    public school Tweet Definition of public school Like Definition of public school on Facebook
    1. A fee-charging private or independent school.
    2. (North America) A publicly administered school.
    pupil Tweet Definition of pupil Like Definition of pupil on Facebook
    1. (context, law, obsolete) An orphan who is a minor and under the protection of the state.
    2. A student under the supervision of a teacher or professor.

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