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A Game A Day Interactive

A Game A Day features a wide variety of free interactive word puzzles, word games, riddles and brainteasers. There are two levels of play.

Ask Oxford

This site provides assistance with English grammar, spelling, usage, and writing. You can search a dictionary of words, names or quotations. There are also crosswords and word puzzles on this site.


This site has several games to choose including Out of Order and Strike, which are word games played against other people. Some games offer cash prizes. You must register to play.

Chihuahua Daily Word Puzzle

This is a web-based word puzzle with high score table. It is free to play, with no registration required. There is a new puzzle every day plus random puzzles. The aim is to make as many words as you can from nine given letters. The letter in the middle has to be used in every word. Your words must be at least four letters long, and at least one must use all nine letters.

CR Puzzles

This is a great online word gaming site. It features online solvable puzzles, and also puzzles that can be printed out to solve offline, all for free. The many different types of puzzles include logic puzzles, word searches, and crostic puzzles. Try this site for a lot of fun.


CryptaGram is the Windows version of cryptoquote and wordsearch, both in one program. You must download the software to play, which is free. The extended version is $10.

English Banana

English Banana features over 200 free printable worksheets for teachers and students of English. It includes online word games and quizzes. You can buy and download their products direct to your computer.


Flipside is a game site, with a number of word games and other games focused on movies, board games, card games and more. Flipside offers prizes, but their message boards are filled with complaints about the program, so buyer beware.


This site contains free multiplayer online games. 2 multiplayer word games: WordBox (similar to Scrabble), WordCap, 5 single player games: WordHex (a bit similar to Tumble Bees), Word Find, WordMove, WordSwap and WordShuffle (similar to WordWhomp and TextTwist). You can choose one from 23 different dictionaries.

Gamer Play

Play free online games at this site. No email registration is required but Shockwave Player is required.

Games 2 Cool

This site contains a collection of free on-line games for all age group. This includes word games and other type of games (adventure, balls, fighting, gun weapons, mind intelligence, multi players, pinball, puzzles, racing, strategy and talent games). You do not have to register to play.

Gopher Gas

This site includes jokes, games, other funny stuff and games including word games. An example of a game is Text Twist - you unscramble the letters and find the words before time runs out.


This site has an original mix of word games to challenge all word lovers! There is even a free word-game-a-day listserver, Wordly-Wise.

I Win

They have many games to play free, for cash, or to download (free trial or pay for full version) to play off line. You can play their games without registering but you will have limited privileges. To take advantage of all of their features you will need to become a registered member.

Jeux de lettres en VO

This site contains word games to help French speakers to improve their English. There are also word games in French.

Kurnik Online Games

Kurnik is a community-supported online gaming site with Literaxx word game among many others. You can play against live opponents in real-time. In order to play, you must sign-up.

Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun

This educational site includes 4 flash games: Word Search Game, Hangman, Match Game, and The Vocabulary Quiz. The site is free.

Letterbox Word Game Online

Compete against the computer in building words in a 4x4 grid. Random letters are provided one at a time.


This site features a large variety of puzzles and games, including acrostics, brainteasers, hangman, and many more. Also offers crosswords in several different formats, including French, German, and Spanish! Also contains a multitude of links to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other puzzle and gaming sites. This site offers some of the best variety for puzzles and games on the web.

Mystery Net

Mystery Net offers a wide variety of mystery books, mystery TV shows, and mystery games as well as interactive mysteries such as See-n-Solve, Solve-it, Twist and Flash mysteries, and Get-a-Clue mini-mystery. The site also provides a very active online community with mystery discussion forums on everything related to the mystery genre.

Planet Spogg

This site has a collection of multiplayer web games, including the word games Spellbound and Crosswise. You must have an account, which is free, to play.


Pogo has many free games such as Word Whomp (find all the words within a 6 letter word), hidden words, and crosswords. Earn tokens as you play and take a chance of turning them into cash. There are free chat with most games.


Puzzability is a puzzle-writing company. But the puzzles and games created by Puzzability are not your typical word searches and dot-to-dots. Whether for adults or kids, whether for print or electronic media, whether general-interest or made-to-order, our puzzles are involving, rewarding, and, above all, fresh. Puzzability can create puzzles for websites, ads, packaging and promotions, game and reality shows, special events, contests, CD-ROMs, magazines�yes, even diner placemats.

Quick Words

This is a quick loading and free to play word game. It uses a dictionary with more than 15,000 common words. The game is similar to Boggles.

Rec.puzzles Archive

This is the index of the rec.puzzles archive, taken from [email protected], and subsequently edited for HTML by Arlet. You can browse through the puzzles, and click on the Solution link to see the solution of the puzzle.


Remittag is a personal online knowledge builder that offers general knowledge, trivia, vocabulary building, clean jokes and humor, quizzes, word games, personality write-ups, wisdom, facts and figures, puzzles, and life facts to help teachers, students, parents, knowledge seekers & quizzers.


StudyStack provides free online educational tools to help students memorize tables of information. Teachers or students enter a table of information and then the website allows the data to be reviewed as flashcards, matching, as a table, and a hangman game.


This is a site to sell ThatWordGame SYZYGY. Syzygy is a spelling and vocabulary game. Play solitaire or up to 6 players, ages 9 and above.


This site contains crosswords, word searches, jigsaw puzzles, words, and wordplay, including Tom Swifties, palindromes, tongue twisters, and silly authors. There is also a daily section of new puzzles.

Vocabulary University

This site features free vocabulary puzzles with pleasing, interactive graphics that draw participants into learning vocabulary at all levels and, in particular, at grade level. Students can work at their own pace, teachers can find vocabulary puzzles and quizzes by theme, by high school texts, for SATs, etc.

Weave Words

Weave Words is a PC word game where you play to uncover well known phrases and sayings. Using a hexagonal grid of letter tiles, you must build words of three or more letters, then use those letters to try to guess the hidden phrase.

Word Games For Catholics

This site has word games written for Catholics about Catholicism. Additionally, each week their Puzzle Constructionist composes a challenging question, the answer to which is published the following week.

Word Games From East Of The Web

Large selection of word games - anagrams, word definitions, interactive stories, logic and more. Compete with other players for a place in the weekly high score lists.

Word Safari

This is an enjoyable word game that allows web explorers to build their vocabulary as they search. If you guess a word�s meaning correctly, you�ll have a chance to track it to other places in the World Wide Wilderness where it�s been spotted.


Sierra\\\'s game site has the game Wordox.


WordZap - The Addict-ionary Game. Make seven words before your opponent. You can play online or offline. You can get it in freeware or shareware version.

Yahoo Word Games

This is a list of word games that you can play on-line; and some of which you can download demos to your computer. Some of the games require that you have a Yahoo ID account. There are user reviews of the games.

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