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Yoshino Trad Translations

Yoshino Trad is a translation agency from Osaka, offering linguistic services in more than 30 European/Asian languages.

AAA Translation

Services they offer include translation, interpretation, voice-over multimedia production and consultation in over 100 languages. They utilize interpretation equipment. You can view their site in English, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian.

ABC Translations

ABC Translations provides a full suite of Spanish translation, localization, and Spanish globalization consulting services. The globalization consulting teams at ABC are broken down by country, language, and locale.

Absolute Translations

Absolute Translations is a translation agency in Australia and provides translation, interpreting, editing and proofreading in more than 120 languages and 20 industries. They employ qualified, experienced and fully accredited language specialists worldwide.

Accredited Language Services

Accredited Language Services translates, interprets & transcribes technical, medical, legal and financial documents. They provide free consultation.

Acme Translation

Acme Translation is a translation agency which provides translation in English, Japanese, German, Russian, Spanish, Korean, and Portuguese. They specialize in translating and interpreting graduation assignment, academic paper, meeting document, school simulation case study, student visa application, and all sorts of reports.

Agenzia Help

Agenzia Help is a multilingual translation company translating in over 20 languages. They take any translation project ranging from basic business correspondence to highly technical documentation. You can view their website in English, Italian, and French.

All Language Alliance, Inc.

All Language Alliance, Inc. provides foreign language translation, multilingual document translation services, legal translation services, and language interpretation into more than 80 languages and dialects.

All Translations

All-Translations Company provides professional translation services in a wide range of subjects and languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Polish, and Sweden).

Aplomb Translations

Aplomb Translations provides translation of major world languages for businesses. Also their services include interpreting, proofreading, and audio transcription. Legal, financial and website translation are their specialities.

Applied Language Solutions

This company provides translation to and from 140 languages. Project types handled are website, technical, legal, marketing, medical, and financial. You can find an explanation of their services and a list of some of their customers.


This is the national site of the Italian Association of Conference Interpreters. Assointerpreti professionals guarantee excellence of service for clients whose business requires foreign language communication in Italy or elsewhere.

BioMed Proofreading

Their company consists of translators, proofreaders and editors in all areas: general articles, letters and resumes; legal and business documents; chemistry, biochemistry, biology and medicine related manuscripts. All their staff hold either a PhD, MD, or both degrees. All of the translators have at least free-year experience of translation. All the proofreaders and editors are native speakers.

Blue South

Blue South Agency offers language translation services in New Zealand and Australia for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, European, Arabic and Hebrew languages. They also provide web sites and typesetting.

CET Translations

CET Translations offers translation and interpreting services from/to all main Central and Eastern European languages: English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian and many others. They have offices in Germany, Hungary, and Romania. They have in-house and freelance translators.

Contact International

Contact International - The Center for Technical Translation - specializes in technical documentation, including computer software, manuals, proposals, videotapes and multimedia. They offer translation and editing to/from English, to/from any language.

Diversified Technologies

They provide language translations by native speaking-computer professionals of any software application, web site, document, printed material, web applications, graphics (.jpg, .gif, .png, flash, etc), desktop tools and applications, and technical documents.

Dixon Servicios Ling��sticos

Dixon Servicios Ling��sticos is a Valencia-based company offering translation, interpretation and language training services in more than 60 languages. You can view their website in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Magyar, and Chinese.

EurBabel - EurDesign DG

EurBabel offers: translations into many different languages. This includes corrections, complete translation of websites, including technical treatment if required.


Freelang is a personal homepage (not a company, not an association) whose aim is to provide free resources for foreign languages: dictionaries to download, human translation help service, and other online resources.

Glagol Translation Group

Glagol Translation Group is a translation company located in Russia that translates in English, German, Italian, French, Japanese, and Russian. Services available are written & oral, localization, and page layout. The software that they use is MS Office, PageMaker, FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, Indesign, AutoCad, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and Alchemy Catalyst.

Global Translations

Global Translations provides a wide range of qualify translation services in over 40 languages. This includes technical, legal and medical translation. You can view their site in English, Hebrew, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Simplified Chinese.

Global Translators

They have a database of freelance and contract translation experts have grown to over 2,000 worldwide. They provide ethnic marketing consulting services, translations to/from any language, web design, desktop publishing, and training curriculum development.

Green Translations

They provide translations from English to 80 additional languages and visa versa. The translations are performed by translators translating into their native language. Services include: web, legal, medical, and technical translation.

iLanguage provides a wide range of end-to-end dynamic localization services and multilingual eBusiness solutions to Fortune 2000 and Global 1000 companies to enable their global requirements in multi-language marketing, CRM, content management and syndication.

Integrated Language Solutions

Services they offer are: translation, interpretation, graphic design, typesetting, desktop publishing, website localization, software localization, transcription & translation from tape, subtitling, dubbing & voice over, intercultural & language training, market facilitation, staffing solutions, overseas business consulting, language jobs recruitment, language products, and language resources. Their site lists the languages portfolio.

International Planning, Inc.

International Planning, Inc. specializes in helping national and international companies plan national and international conferences and meetings by offering interpreting equipment, interpreters, multi-lingual translations and international destination management. Their services include simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, interpreting services, international meeting planning, interpreting equipment sales and rental, and conference translators.

Intervoices Comunica��o Global

Intervoices provides media production, voice recording, talent, casting, translations, and directing services for documentaries, corporate presentations, commercials, on-hold messages, e-learning, and other foreign language services to help you communicate all around the world.


Keylingo is a translation company offering services such as advertising translation and publishing translations by a translation expert. Keylingo combines the accuracy of professional human translation with industry leading speed achieved through harnessing the full power of the World Wide Web.

Language Box

If you click resources, you can learn, practice, or just use and enjoy foreign languages. Also experience newspapers, magazines, radio and TV from around the world; together with the art and general culture of selected countries. If you click translations, it brings you to their translation services. They use their relational databases to locate thousands of translators around the world, and to match the right specialist to the job.

Language Global Link

This is a multi-lingual site with BBS forums for most languages. Also, pages for students of Japanese, covering hiragana, katakana, kanji and grammar, with practice tests. (This site was formerly known as the Eigo Japan Community).

Language Translation

This translation agency provides translation service in all languages across a wide spectrum of subjects. They have developed a client log with the aim of providing an efficient and centralised management tool.

Language Translation Service

This company provides Spanish, French, German, English and multiple language translation services. They are a United States translation company working out of Houston, Texas and serve clients all over the US and abroad. Areas of translations include: document, certified, website & software localization, business, technical, and legal.

Language Translation Services

Translation Services offers foreign language translation services from translators/interpreters including localization and interpretation, of medical, legal, and financial documents. Their language translators are certified by the American Translators Association (ATA).

Lengua Translations

Lengua Translations provides translation to and from all languages. Translators translate only into their mother tongue (native speakers). You can view the site in English, German, and Spanish.


Lingo24 offers translations between English, French, German,Japanese, Spanish, Italian and all other major world languages. Lingo24 also offers related services like language courses, website translation and advice on marketing websites abroad.


Lionbridge provides software localization, web site localization, and technical translation services from 20 solution centers in 10 countries. Their site provides information about their strategies and other news about their company.

Moment Translate

Translators' and interpreters' agency Moment Translate offers translation and interpreting services to private and corporate customers and is working in the major world languages in different combinations.


Mondolingua offers International Professional Translation and localization Services based in Salzburg, Austria. They have professional translators for technical, biotechnical and medical translations, finance, energy, localization, web translation as well as general purpose translations.

Multi-Languages Corporation

They provide translation, interpretation, proofreading and multicultural services in virtually every culture in the world and in over 145 languages. In addition, they provide you with any country profile and information about their culture.

Multilingual Translation Services

Multilingual Translation Services is a translation company based in Hong Kong with a supporting team in Shenzhen, China. They offer a wide variety of language combinations and handle translations from and into most Asian and European languages (over 50 languages). They translate and adapt general, technical, legal and financial documents for most sectors of trade and industry. They also provide consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, word processing, multi-language desktop publishing, web page translation and printing services.

New Lingo

New Zealand Translation Company offers translating services of languages from all over all the world. Their operations are in the UK and New Zealand. They have 24-hour ordering and customer service - and 24-hour project management.

OT Services

OT Services provides translations in the areas of business, economy, marketing and finance, technical, medical and law. Formats include media, communication, phone, electronics and computers translations in addition to business and personal correspondence. They translate from English, Dutch, French, Holland, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew, Swedish, Greek, Czech, Polish, Moldavian, Hungarian, Serbian, Slovene, Croatian, Azerbaijan, Armenian, Arabian, Turkish, Chinese, Japan, Korean.


Password is a professional agency that provides translation and interpreting services, and proposes linguistic and events management consultancy. You can view the site in English and Italian.

Pro-Tran Website Translation

Pro-Tran translates websites in several languages. The Concept section of their site explains the steps they use to translate websites. They have access to an international network of translators.

Qingdao OM Translation Co.

Qingdao OM Translation is a translation and interpretation agency which has over 10 years of translation experiences. Presently, their clients have covered over twenty countries and regions of the world, and their cooperators and partners have spread all over the world. They provide language translation, interpretation, website translation, software translation, language localization service and other related commercial services.

Roevin Translations

Roevin offers international translation services in over 60 languages in a wide range of fields, including technical, legal, creative financial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and medical. Their UK company offices are based in Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.

Schreiber Translations

They provide language translation and interpreting services in over 90 languages for a number of applications and industries. Their areas include: advertising, aerospace, associations, biotech, computers & internet, construction, engineering, finance, healthcare, high-tech, humanitarian, human resources, international development, legal, marketing materials, medical, military/defense, patents, pharmaceutical, scientific, seminars & training, telecommunications, and website development. They are located in Rockville, MD.


Diana Lavarini provides translations from Chinese and English into Italian. The translations are related to sciences � medicine & pharmaceuticals in particular � and publishing, with projects ranging from art criticism to sociology, fashion, and gastronomy.

SourceWord translations

Their translation agency renders professional translation services for just about any field including the translation of technical, medical and juridical texts, software documents, videogame descriptions and website internationalization) from/into many different languages of the world. They offer: written translation from/into different languages, interpretation (synchronous and sequential), website internationalization & website promotion.

Studio 1 Solutions

This company uses a network of freelance co-workers. Their site includes information about their company, their layout, pricelist, application, You can view their site in English, German, and Spanish.

Sublime India Language Translation with IT

Sublime language translation solutions provides language translation service, localization services, proofing, and editing. They can translate in Indian Languages, Asian Lnaguages, Middle East & Eastern European Languages, European Languages, and African Languages.

Sun Translation

Sun Translation is an international translation service. They have translators that specialize in legal translation, medical translation, finance, energy, localization, web translation as well as general purpose translations. Their site also includes dictionaries.

Surrey Language Centre

Surrey Language Centre offers courses in English as a Foreign Language. Surrey Translation Bureau offers a translation service in all major languages for all kinds of documents, in particular technical manuals, websites, medical and legal texts and software localization. Additional services include interpreting, desktop publishing and oriental language advice.


Tradnologies is a company made up of professionals of the translation and technology sectors with experience in technical translation and software localization. Their services include translation (software localization, technical, marketing, and websites translation), review (proofreading and checking of third-party translations), DTP (desktop publishing using a broad range of programs, such as FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign, etc.), terminology services (creation of glossaries, style guides, etc.), software development (development of specific software tools for translation projects).

Trady Com

Trady Com offers translation and multilingual communication including interpreting, web and software localization, real time email translation, 3 hours urgent translations, overnight translations, corporate language teaching, and multilingual consultancy services. You can view their site in English and Spanish.

Translation Central

Translation Central is a translation services agency. They offer translations using a wide range of bilingual and multilingual native speakers. You can find out the quote of the job right on their webpage.

Translation Services USA

This agency offers translation for many languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Polish, and Japanese. They translate and notarize all forms of documentation such as birth, divorce, and death certificates.

Translators London UK

This is a tTranslation company based in London, England serving businesses throughout the world. London Translations offer the expertise of in-country translators and interpreters combined with the simplicity and security of dealing with a company based in the UK.

Verbatim Solutions

Verbatim is a trusted provider of translation services to small and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

WTB Language Group

WTB Language Group offers translation, interpreting, typesetting and recruitment services in over 140 languages. They hire translators from around the world.

Your Translation Matters

Your Translation Matters is a provider of translation and localization services to businesses from virtually every sector of trade and industry. Their approach is tailored to suit your individual needs. As Your Translation Matters is an integrated full-service agency, your project - however large or small - will be handled by a team of professionals who will deliver effective solutions, promptly and within budget.

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