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Berberber Translation Services

Berberber Translation Services provides translations from French to English & visa versa and French to German & visa versa. Send your text to them using your preferred format, along with the date to which you wish to receive your translation, they review your text and send you an accurate estimation that you okay, then your translation starts. offers various interactive online services, which are very useful as a reference. Various dictionaries and grammar rules are linked dynamically by an interactive web application. A search interface points to all relevant links within the dictionaries and grammar. is directly linked to the German - English dictionary, providing an English translation for entries.


They offer translation of technical and commercial documents in the following languages: English/German/Danish.

Geotr@ns Online

This is a geoscience resource and freelance German-English translation service. The freelance translator is Alan Francis Johnson.

Global Translation Services

If you're looking for translation services for German, Global Translations is the place for you. They do technical, legal and medical translations, in addition to all sorts of other documents. Specializing in translation from German to English and they work from 60 languages into German.

Gunther Strauss

Gunther Strauss Language services offers German/English/french translations. They provide documents translated by native speakers as well as interpreters provided.

Holger Gremminger

They provide translation of technical documents and webpages. Languages include: Swedish<>German, Swedish<>English, German <>English, Norwegian <>German, Norwegian <> English, English<>Portuguese, and English<>Chinese. You can view the webpage in Swedish or German.


JL-Translations offers translations from French into German. They translate 60 standard lines (55 notices per line) within 24 hours without additional cost. You can view their webpage in German and French.

Link Everything Online

This site has German to English; English to German; French to German; German to French dictionary and translation. It includes slang terms in both languages. It goes way beyond just a dictionary.

Norbert Zaenker und Kollegen

Norbert Zaenker and Colleagues offers specialist translations for law and finance into German, English, Spanish, French, and Italian. They provide conference-interpretation for the law-court and television.

Twigg�s German Translation

Twigg�s German Translation offers English and German translation services. They work in the following areas: in the following areas: business, marketing, websites, tourism, information technology, technical, historical, job applications, legal texts, software, software handbooks, advertising, medicine, science, and sports. You can view the site in English and German.

Uebersetzung Plus

Native speaking professional translation team provides a complete German to English translation solution from catalogues to websites; from important documents to short letters. Short translations that arrive before 2 PM can be finished and returned on the same day.

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