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Beijing Executive Translators

Beijing Executive Translators, a translation service based in Beijing, offers translation services to enable leading businesses and institutions to communicate globally. The website is in Chinese.

Beijing I-p International Translation Services Inc. International Services Corporation is a translation, localization and conference interpreting services provider. Now entering its second decade of distinguished service, provides a full range of solutions for leading technology companies in technical documentation, software localization, web and multimedia applications as well as conference interpreting services in over 100 languages.

Chinatour Translator

Zexing Liu (English name Richard Liu)is a native Chinese speaker who speaks fluent English. He is an English language interpreter and translator. He also provices translation help with business activities in China or can act as a representative or coordinator in China for your business.

Chinese Translation Service EPK Beijing

Chinese translation company based in Beijing of China. Business also includes localization service.

Eigo Japan Community

Multi-purpose site with pages for learners of Japanese - grammar and kanji tests online (JLPT-based). Includes Polyglot bbs with forums covering most major languages.

Freelance Japanese Translator

Philip Ronan is a freelance translator based in Exeter, UK. He provides Japanese-English translation and typesetting services to clients worldwide.

Gongwell Translation Center

Gongwell Translation Center offers translation, multilingual DTP, web localization, software localization, brand naming in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English. Their translators are native speakers.

Holger Gremminger

They provide translation of technical documents and webpages. Languages include: Swedish<>German, Swedish<>English, German <>English, Norwegian <>German, Norwegian <> English, English<>Portuguese, and English<>Chinese. You can view the webpage in Swedish or German.

JTS Korea, Inc.

Software localization, desktop publishing, and technical docuemtn translation for Asian languages, especially for Korean locating in Korea. You can view their site in English or Korean.

Panlingual Translation & Interpretation Agency

Panlingual (Iran Motarjem) is an Iran-based firm that offers interpreting services (simultaneous, consecutive and facilitating interpreters) for Persian (Farsi), English, German, French, etc or tour guides in Iran / worldwide.

Prima Vista

Prima Vista offers English <> Russian translation services along with: Kazakh translation, Uzbek translation, and Ukrainian translations. They also work with the major European and Asian languages. You can view their site in English, Russian, Chinese, German, and French.


Saeculii Professional Translation Service is an international translation firm based in Tokyo, Japan that provides translation solutions to customers multi-lingual translation needs. Saeculii offers language translation services on the web, and focuses on computer, internet, business and commerce fields.

Samurai Translators

Samurai Translators offers translations between Japanese and English in a wide variety of subjects, including medical narrations and webpages. You can view their website in English and Japanese.


SSG, based in Ireland, provides translations of business & technical documents. Languages they can translate are: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Thai, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Portuguese, Romanian, Ukrainian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malay, Mongolian, Turkish, and Arabic.

Thai Translation

They offer Thai translation, Thai translator and Thai interpreter service in Thai<>English, Thai<>Chinese, Thai<>Japanese, Thai<>Arabic, Thai<>Korean, Thai<>Italian, Thai<>French Thai<>German and more. They have translators who specialize in almost any subject of translation.


They are a multilingual technical translation company translating from Japanese to other languages and visa versa. This includes interpreting, proof-reading, website localize, narration, transcribe and dispatching services. The company is based in Tokyo, Japan.

Translation Aid

This is a translation company in Dallas. They provide text and document translation from and into Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Greek, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Twinpens Language Studio

The translator\'s mother tongue is Mandarin and he learned English when he was in elementary school. He has served as a English/Chinese translator and Chinese proofreader in Cleveland, Ohio, USA in 1999.

Yes Meaning

Yes Meaning is situated in Shanghai of China, based on Fudan University, Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other renowned universities in Shanghai. They are able to interpretation and translation services to every customer. They specialize in English-translation and Japanese-translation.

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