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This site explains the negative aspects of joining Bookner. It contains submissions from people about their negative experience with Bookner.

Author Sell Book

This site offers complete and precise to-do list: step by step, from manuscript to print book, with money and time saving tips. The site contains resources, articles and author interviews.


This site has a searchable agency database, book reviews, news, articles, tips on publishing, and other essential tools. For a fee, your work can be critiqued and another fee for becoming a member, which gives you access to other services.

Literary Publisher on the Internet since 1995. Short stories, poetry, novels, WW Classics, Audio, e-books. is devoted to the free spreading of literary unpublished texts in a digital format. They accept works in English, Spanish, Catalan, and French .


Writers upload their manuscripts. These manuscripts undergo a peer-review process, and are assigned a Bookner Rating. Once a manuscript has been rated, notification is automatically sent to literary agents and publishers, who - if the manuscript Bookner Rating is high enough - contact the writer with an offer of representation.

This is a site for aspiring authors featuring a publishers database, a co-authoring program, freelance job opportunities, a writer's bookstore, an event search, and much more. The co-authoring program is an especially interesting opportunity for young, developing writers.

First Choice Books Publishing

Thsi is Print on Demand and book binding services for self publishing authors. For book binding, after submission of your book in a "PDF" format, (preferably with a hard copy), they will print, bind, and distribute your book for you.


This site provides language newsletter and job search site for copy editors. You can post jobs, look for job opportunities, view a sample issue, enhance your skills through workshops, or subscribe. When you subscribe to their bimonthly newsletter, you gain access to the current issue online, ongoing interactive opinion surveys about language trends, a reader forum, and archives of past issues.

Self Publishing

This site provides information on self publishing including self publishing books, self publishing presses, self publishing printing, self publishing software, self publishing services, self publishing childrens book, self publishing comparison, self publishing sites, and childrens self publishing.

The Dramatic Exchange

It is a place where playwrights can post their otherwise unpublished scripts, and where readers and producers can look for plays. At least several tens of productions have been done as a result of plays being posted here.

This Business of Dance and Music

On the site is resources, links, articles and discussion board for writers, dancers and musicians in and about the biz. It features a free online writing workshop. If you register you are able to submit a full feature ads/bios of yourself and your work, including video, audio or text samples in our virtual cafe page.

Writers World

This company is a print on demand book publisher based in the United Kingdom and Spain that publishes worldwide in English and Spanish and specializes in book reprints. If a book is ordered in the USA, it will be printed and distributed there.

Writer´┐Żs Exchange

This site from offers advice to the aspiring author, including how to find an agent, which publishers to contact, writing tips, employment opportunities, and more!

It is an online community for readers and writers of all ages and interests. Whether you are a casual reader searching for a good story or an enthusiastic writer looking for the perfect place to display your masterpieces, is the website for you!


Xlibris has print-on-demand technology; they offer a wide variety of design, production and publishing services, as well as online distribution availability and marketing products for self-publishing authors.


ZuZu is a non-profit organization dedicated to publishing original work by young authors and artists. This site has poetry, fiction, artwork, and stories submitted by children.

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