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Allpoetry is a community based around creating a safe and fun environment for poets to display their work. There is a split focus between education and sharing. They welcome poets of all levels.

Best Love Poems Network

They have a collection of romantic and love poems. Registered visitors can submit their own poems, comment on poetry, and meet like-minded poets.

Elite Skills

Elite Skills is an online poetry club. They provide: a writers resource; a community where people can submit poetry, stories, thoughts, and stories; Poetry Contest; a journal page; tutorials; resources; and classic writings. Additionally they provide information about online publishing scams.

I Love Poetry

This site is a place for amateur poets to publisher their work online and receive feedback from others. You can select poetry to read by topic or click random poetry.

Loads Of Odes

This site contains real life published poetry about the world. Submit poems and web links, become featured, and play games.

Poetry Magazine

Poetry magazine is published by The Poetry Foundation. It features poets and their poetry. They accept submissions of poetry (four poems or fewer). They have no special manuscript needs and no special requirements as to form or genre: we examine in turn all work received and accept that which seems best.

This site features poetry contests, opportunities to post your own poems on the site, the 100 greatest poems ever written, resources and links, and much more. (Be aware, some sites have stated that is a scam, we have not verified one way or another.)

Poets and Writers Online

This site features publishing advice, a message forum, contests, grants and awards, links, and other information for people looking to begin a writing career. It is a nonprofit literary organization.


This site has a calendar of poetry events, which lists all readings, festivals and slams in the city, for different regions. Additionally, the site has poems from various people; read the guidelines for submission. Poetz does not publish work that has previously appeared anywhere on the web.

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