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  1. A stiff flour pudding, often with dried fruit, boiled in a cloth bag, or steamed
    1901: The storekeeper had sent them an unbroken case of canned plum pudding, and probably by this time he was wondering what had become of that blanky case of duff. — w:Henry Lawson, Henry Lawson, short story The Ghosts of Many Christmases, published in Children of the Bush
    1. (baseball) (slang) an 1800s baseball term meaning an error
    2. (context, Scotland, US) decaying vegetable matter on the forest floor
    3. (slang) the bits left in the bottom of the bag after the booty has been consumed, like crumbs
    4. (slang) the buttocks; normally used in the phrases to sit on (one's) duff or get off (one's) duff
    1. (golf) to hit the ground behind the ball. It is a back-formation from "duffer".category:Back-formationscategory:Requests for cleanup
    2. (Australia) to alter the branding of stolen cattle; to steal cattle.
    1. not working properly
      • Why do I always get a shopping trolley with wheels?
      Etymology: Duff is a close rendering of the Irish word, Dubh, which means black-haired.

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