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sexless Tweet Definition of sexless Like Definition of sexless on Facebook
  1. Not having a gender
  2. Not having any sexual relations
2006 has been a relatively sexless year so far.
shapely Tweet Definition of shapely Like Definition of shapely on Facebook
adjective (shapel, ier, more)
  1. Having a pleasing shape, pleasant to look at.
she-wolf Tweet Definition of she-wolf Like Definition of she-wolf on Facebook
noun (plural: she-wolves)
  1. A female wolf.
slattern Tweet Definition of slattern Like Definition of slattern on Facebook
  1. A slut.
  2. (dated) A dirty and untidy woman.<ref name="COED-etym&def"/><ref name="M"W-hyph&def"/><ref name="WNS-defs">" slattern" defined using WordNet? Search " 3·0</ref>
    • 1809: Noah Webster, Esq., An American Selection of Lessons in Reading and Speaking: Calculated to Improve the Minds and Refine the Taste of Youth, to Which are Prefixed Rules in Elocution and Directions for Expressing the Principal Passions of the Mind, p24
    • : 3."Cookery is familiar to her, with the price and quality of provisions";"and she is a ready accountant."Her chief view, however, is to serve her mother and lighten her cares."She holds cleanliness and neetness to be indispensable in a woman";"and that a is disgusting, especially if beautiful.
    • 1868: Lizzie Leavenworth, <i>★★Slattern Genius★★</i>, the 17th day of September; quoted in:
    • 2001: Anne Russo & Cherise Kramarae, The Radical Women"s Press of the 1850s, p202
    • : "How many times I have heard a woman called a , because she could not keep a house in order, when had she been allowed to write out her sublime thoughts, which were all in another direction, she would have astonished the world with her genius. Talk about women getting out of their sphere; can they do so any more than they are now. Look at the thousands of women who are not fit to be mothers, and yet are constantly bringing children into existence, children which will rise up to curse them for that very existence; and why is this? because society is forcing women into marriage, before they have any knowledge of what they are fitted for and what they might excel in. We want better wives, mothers and children, and before we can have this, we must have better women.
    • 1933: Noel Coward, Private Lives an Intimate Comedy in Three Acts, A<small>CT</small> Ⅲ
    • : A<small>MANDA</small>: I"ve been brought up to believe that it"s beyond the pale, for a man to strike a woman. <br>
    • : E<small>LYOT</small>: A very poor tradition. Certain women should be struck regularly, like gongs. <br>
    • : A<small>MANDA</small>: You"re an unmitigated cad, and a bully. <br>
    • : E<small>LYOT</small>: And you"re an ill-mannered, bad tempered . <br>
    • : A<small>MANDA</small> (i, loudly): Slattern indeed. <br>
    • : E<small>LYOT</small>: Yes, , , , and fishwife. <br>
    • : V<small>ICTOR</small>: Keep your mouth shut, you swine. <br>
    • : E<small>LYOT</small>: Mind your own damned business. <br>
    • : They are about to fight, when Sibyl rushes between them. <br>
    • : S<small>IBYL</small>: Stop, stop, it"s no use going on like this. Stop, please.
      1. A prostitute who attracts customers by walking the streets.<ref name="WNS-defs"/>
slut Tweet Definition of slut Like Definition of slut on Facebook
  1. (countable) (derogatory) a sexually promiscuous woman.
  2. (countable) a prostitute.
  3. (countable) (derogatory) a slovenly, untidy person, usually a woman.
    • 1600 CE: William Shakespeare, As you like it
    • : Clo. Truly, and to cast away honesty upon a foul , were to put good meat into an unclean dish. \ Aud. I am not a , though I thank the Goddess I am foul.
    • 1602 CE: William Shakespeare, The Merry Wives of Windsor
    • : Where fires thou find"st unrak"d, and hearths unswept, \ There pinch the Maids as blew as Bill-berry, \ Our radiant Queene, hates Sluts, and Sluttery.
      1. (countable) (derogatory) a bold, outspoken woman.
    • 1728 CE: John Gay, Begger"s Opera
    • : Our Polly is a sad Slut! nor heeds what we have taught her.
      1. (countable) (archaic) a female dog.
    • 1852 CE: Susanna Moodie, Roughing it in the Bush
    • : "Bete!" returned the angry Frenchman, bestowing a savage kick on one of the unoffending pups which was frisking about his feet. The pup yelped; the barked and leaped furiously at the offender, and was only kept from biting him by Sam, who could scarcely hold her back for laughing; the captain was uproarious; the offended Frenchman alone maintained a severe and dignified aspect. The dogs were at length dismissed, and peace restored.
      1. (countable) (archaic) a maid.
    • 1664 CE: Samuel Pepys, The Diary of Samuel Pepys
    • : Our little girl Susan is a most admirable , and pleases us mightily, doing more service than both the others and deserves wages better.
stacked Tweet Definition of stacked Like Definition of stacked on Facebook
  1. Regular past or past participle of stack.
adjective (more stacked, most stacked)
  1. arranged in a stack
The plates were waiting to be cleaned
  1. (slang) Having large breasts
That girl at the party was really , but pretty dim
  1. (slang) Unfairly constructed, as a stacked deck of cards.
That game is . Don't even try it.
strumpet Tweet Definition of strumpet Like Definition of strumpet on Facebook
  1. A female prostitute; a woman who is very sexually active.
Synonyms - see WikiSaurus:prostitute
  1. A female adulterer.
Synonyms - see WikiSaurus:promiscuous woman
  1. A mistress. Usage - 1960's
Synonyms - see WikiSaurus:sexual partner
Usage note - often used as bit of strumpet, piece of strumpet.
  1. A trollop.
Usage note - derogatory.
sweetheart Tweet Definition of sweetheart Like Definition of sweetheart on Facebook
  1. A person who is always very kind.
She is such a , she never complains about my being late.
  1. A person very much liked or loved by someone else.
John married his highschool in 1981.

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