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pannus Tweet Definition of pannus Like Definition of pannus on Facebook
noun (plural panni)
  1. a hanging flap of skin or other tissue, especially one covering the cornea (in trachoma) or cartilage (in rheumatoid arthritis)
parhelic circle Tweet Definition of parhelic circle Like Definition of parhelic circle on Facebook
  1. A luminous halo, each side of the sun parallel to the horizon, caused by refraction of sunlight through ice crystals
pentad Tweet Definition of pentad Like Definition of pentad on Facebook
  1. a group or series of five things
photochemical smog Tweet Definition of photochemical smog Like Definition of photochemical smog on Facebook
  1. air pollution caused by photochemical reactions involving hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and other pollutants, especially in still air over cities
pileus Tweet Definition of pileus Like Definition of pileus on Facebook
  1. the cap of a mushroom.
pluvial Tweet Definition of pluvial Like Definition of pluvial on Facebook
  1. Of, pertaining to, or produced by rain
pluviometer Tweet Definition of pluviometer Like Definition of pluviometer on Facebook
  1. (meteorology) A scientific instrument for measuring the amount of rainfall.
pluvious Tweet Definition of pluvious Like Definition of pluvious on Facebook
  1. Of or pertaining to the condition of heavy rain; rainy.
Sarah sat by the fireplace one pluvious evening.
precipitate Tweet Definition of precipitate Like Definition of precipitate on Facebook
noun verb adjective      
pressure Tweet Definition of pressure Like Definition of pressure on Facebook
noun (countable and uncountable; plural: pressures)
  1. (physics) The amount of force that is applied over a given area divided by the size of this area.
  • SI: pascal (Pa) (1 pascal equals 1 newton per square metre)
  • Others: bar (1 bar equals 100000 pascals), barye (Ba) (1 barye equals 0.1 pascal), pounds per square inch (psi, lbf/in2, lb/in2), torr, mmHg, atmosphere (atm)
    1. mental strain caused by one's own or others' expectations on one's own performance
  • She has been under lately because her boss expects her to get the job done two weeks early.
    Synonyms - under the pump, under the gun
    pressure gradient Tweet Definition of pressure gradient Like Definition of pressure gradient on Facebook
    1. The rate of decrease (gradient) of pressure in space at a fixed time. The term is sometimes used to denote simply the magnitude of the gradient of the pressure field.
    psychrometer Tweet Definition of psychrometer Like Definition of psychrometer on Facebook
    1. (meteorology) any of several instruments used to measure the relative humidity of the atmosphere; especially a wet-and-dry-bulb hygrometer
    psychrometric chart Tweet Definition of psychrometric chart Like Definition of psychrometric chart on Facebook
    noun psychrometric + chart
    (wikipedia, psychrometrics)
    1. a graph or chart showing the relationships of the thermodynamic properties of moist air
    psychrometry Tweet Definition of psychrometry Like Definition of psychrometry on Facebook
    noun (wikipedia, psychrometrics)
    1. the measurement or study of the thermodynamic properties of moist air
    pumping Tweet Definition of pumping Like Definition of pumping on Facebook
    1. (present participle of, pump)

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