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centipede Tweet Definition of centipede Like Definition of centipede on Facebook
  1. A segmented arthropod of class Chilopoda with a large number of legs, traditionally one hundred (though most species have far fewer.)
cephalopod Tweet Definition of cephalopod Like Definition of cephalopod on Facebook
  1. Any mollusc, of the class Cephalopoda, which includes squid, cuttlefish, octopus, etc.
chambered nautilus Tweet Definition of chambered nautilus Like Definition of chambered nautilus on Facebook
noun (plural: nautiluses or nautili)
  1. A marine mollusc, of the family Argonautidae native to the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, which has tentacles and a spiral shell with a series of air-filled chambers.
chigger Tweet Definition of chigger Like Definition of chigger on Facebook
  1. A very small, red mite endemic to the Midwestern and Southeastern US, the infestation of which causes intense itch, itching.
  2. (slang) In US slang, the word Chigger (also pronounced "chigga") is a derogatory slang term for an East Asian person who behaves in ways similar to a stereotypical urban African American. The term is a portmanteau of China, Chinese or chink and nigger, derived from the term "wigger" (White + nigger), which refer to White Westerners who act out urban African American stereotypes. (Fact, date=July 2007)
    1. (slang) In AUS slang, a derogatory term for a person living in the suburb of Chigwell near Hobart, Tasmania; one who resembles an inhabitant of Chigwell; a person of low socioeconomic background. Closely linked to the term westie, describes the inhabitants of notorious public housing suburbs, including but not limited to: Chigwell, Bridgewater, Gagebrook, Claredon Vale, Rokeby. Implies puffy features, mullet haircut, underage smoking, drinking and sex, teenage pregnancy, nasty attire, poor education, sullen/antisocial behaviour and language. The suburb of Chigwell, despite its pariah status, is within 15 kilometres of the city centre. In recent years the term has been largely replaced with the more universally recognised bogan. (Fact, date=July 2007)
chiton Tweet Definition of chiton Like Definition of chiton on Facebook
noun (chitons)
  1. A loose, woolen tunic, worn by both men and women in ancient Greece.
    • 1992: Donna Tartt, The Secret History
    • :On the night of our first attempt, we simply overdrank and passed out in our chitons in the woods near Francis"s house.
proper noun 
  1. Any of various rock-clinging marine molluscs of the class Polyplacophora
clam Tweet Definition of clam Like Definition of clam on Facebook
  1. A bivalve mollusk of many kinds, especially those that are edible; as, the long clam (Mya arenaria), the quahog or round clam (Venus mercenaria), the sea clam or hen clam (Spisula solidissima), and other species of the United States. The name is said to have been given originally to the Tridacna gigas, a huge East Indian bivalve.
  2. Strong pincers or forceps.
  3. A kind of vise, usually of wood.
  4. (context, US, slang) A dollar (usually used in the plural.)
Those sneakers cost me fify clams!
verb (clam, m, ing)
  1. To dig for clams.
clamshell Tweet Definition of clamshell Like Definition of clamshell on Facebook
  1. The shell of a clam.
  2. A dredging bucket with hinges like the shell of a clam.
  3. In foodservice, the white, usually styrofoam box given to consumers with take-out food.
It closes like a .
  1. (music) An amphitheater, especially an outdoor amphitheater; the semi-circular acoustic backdrop behind and above the performers.
cnidarian Tweet Definition of cnidarian Like Definition of cnidarian on Facebook
  1. any of various invertebrate animals, such as jellyfish, hydras, sea anemones, corals and formerly sponges and ctenophores that belong to the phylum Cnidaria
  1. of, relating to, or belong to this phylum
cobweb Tweet Definition of cobweb Like Definition of cobweb on Facebook
  1. A spiderweb, or the remains of one, especially an asymmetrical one that is woven with an irregular pattern of threads.
  2. One of its filaments; gossamer
  3. An intricate plot
  4. (computing) a web page that either has not been updated for a long time, or that is rarely visited
cockle Tweet Definition of cockle Like Definition of cockle on Facebook
  1. Any of various edible European bivalve mollusks, of the family Cardiidae, having heart-shaped shells.
  2. The shell of the cockle.
  3. A defect in sheepskin; firm dark nodules caused by the bites of keds on live sheep
  4. (plural) One"s innermost feelings (only in the expression "the cockles of one"s heart").
cockleshell Tweet Definition of cockleshell Like Definition of cockleshell on Facebook
  1. The shell of a cockle (or similar shell)
  2. A small, flimsy boat
coelenterate Tweet Definition of coelenterate Like Definition of coelenterate on Facebook
  1. Any simple aquatic animal bearing tentacles with nematocysts. Examples include jellyfish, coral, and anemones.
cowrie Tweet Definition of cowrie Like Definition of cowrie on Facebook
  1. A gastropod of the family Cypraeidae common to the Indian Ocean.
  2. The pyriform shell, of the , especially of the species money cowry (Cypraea moneta), formerly used as money in some areas.
crab Tweet Definition of crab Like Definition of crab on Facebook
  1. A crustacean of the infraorder Brachyura, having five pairs of legs, the foremost of which are in the form of claws, and a carapace.
  2. A bad-tempered person.
  3. (context, in plural crabs, informal) An infestation of pubic lice.
  4. (slang) A playing card with the rank of three.
verb (crabs, crabbing, crabbed)
  1. (intransitive) To fish for crabs.
  2. (intransitive) To complain.
  3. (intransitive) (by analogy with the movement of a crab) Of an aircraft, such as a glider, to move sideways.
  4. (transitive) (by analogy with the movement of a crab) To navigate (an aircraft, e.g., a glider) sideways against an air current in order to maintain a straight-line course.
  5. (context, obsolete) In World War 1, to fly slightly off the straight-line course towards an enemy aircraft, as the machine guns on early aircraft did not allow firing through the propeller disk.
  6. (rare) To back out of something.
crab spider Tweet Definition of crab spider Like Definition of crab spider on Facebook
  1. any species of the family Thomisidae, spiders that hunt in flowers.
crawdad Tweet Definition of crawdad Like Definition of crawdad on Facebook
  1. (US regional) the crayfish
crawfish Tweet Definition of crawfish Like Definition of crawfish on Facebook
noun (crawfish)
  1. (dialectal) synonym for crayfish
crayfish Tweet Definition of crayfish Like Definition of crayfish on Facebook
noun (crayfish)
  1. a freshwater crustacean (W:Cambaridae, Cambaridae) resembling a small lobster, sometimes used as an inexpensive seafood or as fish bait.
  2. (South Africa) rock lobster.
crinoid Tweet Definition of crinoid Like Definition of crinoid on Facebook
  1. One of the numerous animals that make up the Crinoidea class; the feather star or "sea-lily".
  1. Relating to or sharing the qualities and features of the Crinoidea class.
crust Tweet Definition of crust Like Definition of crust on Facebook
  1. a more solid, dense or hard layer on a surface or boundary
  1. To cover with a .
  2. To form a
crustacean Tweet Definition of crustacean Like Definition of crustacean on Facebook
noun (pl2=crustacea)
  1. Any arthropod of the subphylum Crustacea, including lobsters, crabs, shrimp, barnacles and woodlice.
ctenophore Tweet Definition of ctenophore Like Definition of ctenophore on Facebook
  1. Any of various marine animals of the phylum Ctenophora, having lucent, mucilaginous bodies bearing eight rows of comblike cilia used for swimming. Another more common name for ctenophores is comb jelly.
cuttlefish Tweet Definition of cuttlefish Like Definition of cuttlefish on Facebook
noun (singular and plural)
  1. Any of various squidlike cephalopod marine mollusks of the genus Sepia that have ten arms and a calcareous internal shell and eject a dark inky fluid when in danger

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