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LA Tweet Definition of LA Like Definition of LA on Facebook
  1. Louisiana, a state of the United States of America.
  1. Los Angeles (US city)
  2. lead arsenate, a pesticide introduced in the US in 1892, largely replaced by DDT in the late 1940's, and ultimately banned in 1988.
La. Tweet Definition of La. Like Definition of La. on Facebook
  1. Louisiana
Labrador Tweet Definition of Labrador Like Definition of Labrador on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The mainland portion of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, in Eastern Canada.
  2. (context, mainly, historical) The geographical region including Labrador in sense 1, as well as neighbouring regions of what is now the province of Quebec.
  3. An abbreviated form of the dog breed name w:Labrador Retriever, Labrador retriever.
Labuan Tweet Definition of Labuan Like Definition of Labuan on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Federal territory in eastern Malaysia which has Victoria as its main town.
Lafayette Tweet Definition of Lafayette Like Definition of Lafayette on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. w:Gilbert du Motier, marquis de La Fayette, Gilbert du Motier, marquis de La Fayette (1757 " 1834), a French aristocrat who is considered a national hero in both France and the United States for his participation in the French and American revolutions.
  2. A large city in Louisiana, USA, named for the Marquis de La Fayette.
Lagos Tweet Definition of Lagos Like Definition of Lagos on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Port and former capital of Nigeria
Lahore Tweet Definition of Lahore Like Definition of Lahore on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The second largest city of Pakistan and the Capital of Punjab province of Pakistan located near Indian border on Ravi river.
Lake District Tweet Definition of Lake District Like Definition of Lake District on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A national park in Cumbria, north-western England characterised by its many lakes.
lakeside Tweet Definition of lakeside Like Definition of lakeside on Facebook
  1. On the side of a lake
Lakshadweep Tweet Definition of Lakshadweep Like Definition of Lakshadweep on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Indian union territory in the Arabian Sea which has Kavaratti as its capital.
Lancashire Tweet Definition of Lancashire Like Definition of Lancashire on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A maritime county in the north-west of England bordered by the Irish Sea, Cumberland, Westmorland, Yorkshire and Cheshire.
Lancaster Tweet Definition of Lancaster Like Definition of Lancaster on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. An English surname.
  2. The w:House of Lancaster, House of Lancaster, a dynasty of English kings and one of the opposing factions involved in the 15th century w:Wars of the Roses, Wars of the Roses. The name comes from the fact that its members were descended from w:John of Gaunt, John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster; their symbol was a red rose.
  3. The City of Lancaster, a UK local government district with city status in Lancashire in North West England. Its main town is Lancaster, from which it obtained its city status.
  4. A city in Lancashire, in the northwest of England, UK.
  5. A type of four-engined British bomber aircraft built by Avro during World War 2.
Languedoc Tweet Definition of Languedoc Like Definition of Languedoc on Facebook
  1. A former province of France.
  1. Pertaining to the Occitan language: Provení§al, related to Catalan.
Lansing Tweet Definition of Lansing Like Definition of Lansing on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Any number of towns in the USA, see
Laos Tweet Definition of Laos Like Definition of Laos on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A country in Southeast Asia. Official name: Lao People"s Democratic Republic.
La Paz Tweet Definition of La Paz Like Definition of La Paz on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The administrative capital of Bolivia.
Lapland Tweet Definition of Lapland Like Definition of Lapland on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The northern parts of Scandinavia and Finland with the Kola peninsula in Russia, traditionally inhabited by the Sami people.
L'Aquila Tweet Definition of L Like Definition of L
proper noun 
  1. Province of Abruzzo, Italy.
  2. Town and capital of L'Aquila.
Larissa Tweet Definition of Larissa Like Definition of Larissa on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (mythology) A daughter of Pelasgus.
  2. A city in north-central Greece, the capital of Thessaly.
  3. A feminine name (after the mythological character).
  4. A moon of Neptune.
larkspur Tweet Definition of larkspur Like Definition of larkspur on Facebook
noun Larkspur
  1. A tall robust flowering plant with many purple, purplish-blue flowers.
Lashkar Tweet Definition of Lashkar Like Definition of Lashkar on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A city in Madhya Pradesh, India.
  2. Short for the Islamic militant Lashkar-e-Toiba (Urdu: (URchar, �شکر� ط�ب�), Army of the Pure), based in Pakistan. Also transliterated as Lashkar-i-Tayyaba, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, or Lashkar-i-Toiba.
La Spezia Tweet Definition of La Spezia Like Definition of La Spezia on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Province of Liguria, Italy.
  2. Port and capital of La Spezia.
Latin America Tweet Definition of Latin America Like Definition of Latin America on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Those countries in the Americas and related islands which speak Latin-derived languages, mostly Spanish and Portuguese.
  2. (Vaguely or Ignorantly?) Mexico, Central America, South America, and related islands.
Latvia Tweet Definition of Latvia Like Definition of Latvia on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. One of the Baltic countries. Official name: Republic of Latvia.
laurel Tweet Definition of laurel Like Definition of laurel on Facebook
  1. An evergreen shrub, of the genus Laurus (L. nobilis), having aromatic leaves of a lanceolate shape, with clusters of small, yellowish white flowers in their axils; -- called also sweet bay. The fruit is a purple berry. It is found about the Mediterranean, and was early used by the ancient Greeks to crown the victor in the games of Apollo. At a later period, academic honors were indicated by a crown of laurel, with the fruit. The leaves and tree yield an aromatic oil, used to flavor the bay water of commerce.
Note: The name is extended to other plants which in some respect resemble the true laurel.
  1. A crown of laurel; hence, honor; distinction; fame; -- especially in the plural; as, to win laurels.
  2. An English gold coin made in 1619, and so called because the king's head on it was crowned with laurel
Lausanne Tweet Definition of Lausanne Like Definition of Lausanne on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A city, and district in west Switzerland, where French is the main language
Lawrence Tweet Definition of Lawrence Like Definition of Lawrence on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, male), a spelling variant of Laurence.
Leamington Tweet Definition of Leamington Like Definition of Leamington on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Royal Leamington Spa, a health resort in Warwickshire, England
  2. a small town in Ontario, Canada
Lebanon Tweet Definition of Lebanon Like Definition of Lebanon on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Country in the Middle East. Official name: Lebanese Republic. Also (especially formerly) known as The Lebanon.
Lecce Tweet Definition of Lecce Like Definition of Lecce on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Province of Apulia, Italy.
  2. Town and capital of Lecce.
Lee Tweet Definition of Lee Like Definition of Lee on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. An English topographic surname for someone who lived near a meadow
  2. A surname of Chinese origin, a variant of Li (See: �).
  3. (given name, male) derived from the surname,or a nickname for names such as Leo and Leroy
  4. (given name, female) popular in conjoined names such as Lee Ann or Mary Lee.
  5. Various place names
  6. A river in Co. Cork, Ireland.
Leeds Tweet Definition of Leeds Like Definition of Leeds on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A city in West Yorkshire, England.
Leghorn Tweet Definition of Leghorn Like Definition of Leghorn on Facebook
noun (wikipedia, Leghorn chicken)
  1. A breed of mostly white poultry.
    • "Among the light breeds there are probably more good strains of White than any other variety. The Brown is not quite so popular but is capable of high yields ". The Black is another breed which has enjoyed popularity." See ref. p. 42.
proper noun 
  1. (dated) the town of Livorno in Italy
Leicester Tweet Definition of Leicester Like Definition of Leicester on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A city in Leicestershire, England
Leicestershire Tweet Definition of Leicestershire Like Definition of Leicestershire on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. An inland county of England bordered by Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Rutland, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Derbyshire.
Leinster Tweet Definition of Leinster Like Definition of Leinster on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The most populated province in Ireland.
Leipzig Tweet Definition of Leipzig Like Definition of Leipzig on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The largest town in Saxony, Germany
Lek Tweet Definition of Lek Like Definition of Lek on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The northern arm of the River Rhine in the Netherlands
leman Tweet Definition of leman Like Definition of leman on Facebook
  1. (archaic) A lover, sweetheart, especially a secret lover or mistress.
  • 1819: The prisoner I speak of is better booty " a jolly monk riding to visit his , an I may judge by his horse-gear and wearing apparel. " Walter Scott, Ivanhoe
Lemnos Tweet Definition of Lemnos Like Definition of Lemnos on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Island in northeastern Greece located in the Aegean Sea.
Lena Tweet Definition of Lena Like Definition of Lena on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, female), from the Scandinavian, German and Russian pet form of Helena and Magdalena.
  2. Lena River, flowing 2,734 miles from the Baikal Mountains of Siberia to the Arctic Ocean.
Leningrad Tweet Definition of Leningrad Like Definition of Leningrad on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. name given to the city of Saint Petersburg from the time of Lenin's death in 1924 until the end of the Cold War in 1991.
Lesbian Tweet Definition of Lesbian Like Definition of Lesbian on Facebook
  1. An inhabitant of Lesbos
  2. A homosexual woman.
  1. Of or pertaining to the island of Lesbos.
  2. (used of women) Homosexual.
Lesbos Tweet Definition of Lesbos Like Definition of Lesbos on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The classical name for the island of Greece in the north-eastern Aegean Sea.
Lesotho Tweet Definition of Lesotho Like Definition of Lesotho on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A country in Southern Africa. Official name: Kingdom of Lesotho.
Levant Tweet Definition of Levant Like Definition of Levant on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. the countries bordering the eastern Mediterranean Sea variously:
a. Syria, Israel, Jordan, Gaza
b. Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Gaza, Egypt.
c. Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Gaza, Egypt.
Levis Tweet Definition of Levis Like Definition of Levis on Facebook
  1. descendants of the Israelite tribe of Levi; Levites
As the Cohens are descendants of the Tribe of Priests, so the are the tribal descendants of the Levites.
  1. alternative spelling for Levi's, Levi"s, a brand of blue jeans
Lewes Tweet Definition of Lewes Like Definition of Lewes on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. a town in East Sussex, England
Lexington Tweet Definition of Lexington Like Definition of Lexington on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Any number of places in the
liard Tweet Definition of liard Like Definition of liard on Facebook
  1. (historical) A small French coin, equivalent to a quarter of a sou.
  • 1819: "I waited " not to share the booty, for, so help me God and Saint Withold! as neither I nor any of mine will touch the value of a , " I waited but to render my thanks to thee and to thy bold yeomen, for the life and honour ye have saved." " Walter Scott, Ivanhoe
Liberal Tweet Definition of Liberal Like Definition of Liberal on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (Canada) A member or support of the Liberal Party
  2. A Liberal Democrat.
Liberia Tweet Definition of Liberia Like Definition of Liberia on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A country in Western Africa. Official name: Republic of Liberia.
liberty Tweet Definition of liberty Like Definition of liberty on Facebook
noun (liberti, es)
  1. The condition of being free from control or restrictions.
The army is here, your is assured.
  1. The condition of being free from imprisonment, slavery or forced labour.
The prisoners gained their from an underground tunnel.
  1. The condition of being free to act, believe or express oneself as one chooses.
The prisoners were at to speak freely with their lawyers.
  1. freedom, Freedom from excess government control.
  2. A short period when a sailor is allowed ashore.
We're going on a three-day as soon as we dock.
  1. A breach of social convention (often liberties).
You needn't take such liberties.
Libreville Tweet Definition of Libreville Like Definition of Libreville on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The capital of Gabon.
Libya Tweet Definition of Libya Like Definition of Libya on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A country in Northern Africa; Official name: Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.
lido Tweet Definition of lido Like Definition of lido on Facebook
  1. A part of the sea by a beach sectioned off for swimming and other aquatic activities.
  2. An outdoor swimming pool.
Liechtenstein Tweet Definition of Liechtenstein Like Definition of Liechtenstein on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Country in Europe. Official name: Principality of Liechtenstein.
liege Tweet Definition of liege Like Definition of liege on Facebook
  1. A free and independent person; specif., a lord paramount; a sovereign.
  2. The subject of a sovereign or lord; a liegeman.
  1. Sovereign; independent; having authority or right to allegiance; as, a liege lord.
  2. Serving an independent sovereign or master; bound by a feudal tenure; obliged to be faithful and loyal to a superior, as a vassal to his lord; faithful; loyal; as, a liege man; a liege subject.
  3. Full; perfect; complete; pure.
Liffey Tweet Definition of Liffey Like Definition of Liffey on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (rivers) A river in the Republic of Ireland that flows from the Wicklow Mountains for around 75 miles (125 km) through Dublin to the Irish Sea.
Liguria Tweet Definition of Liguria Like Definition of Liguria on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Region in the northwest of Italy.
Lille Tweet Definition of Lille Like Definition of Lille on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A city in France, the capital of Nord-Pas-de-Calais
Lilongwe Tweet Definition of Lilongwe Like Definition of Lilongwe on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The capital city of Malawi
Lima Tweet Definition of Lima Like Definition of Lima on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The capital of Peru.
  2. The letter L in the ICAO spelling alphabet.
Limassol Tweet Definition of Limassol Like Definition of Limassol on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Port of Cyprus
Limburg Tweet Definition of Limburg Like Definition of Limburg on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A province of the Netherlands.
  2. A province of Belgium.
Limerick Tweet Definition of Limerick Like Definition of Limerick on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A county in the Republic of Ireland.
  2. A town in the county of Limerick
Limousin Tweet Definition of Limousin Like Definition of Limousin on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A région of France.
  2. A breed of cattle from this region.
Limpopo Tweet Definition of Limpopo Like Definition of Limpopo on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (rivers) A river of Africa that rises near Johannesburg and flows about 1,770 km (1,100 miles) to the Indian Ocean in Mozambique.
Lincoln Tweet Definition of Lincoln Like Definition of Lincoln on Facebook
proper noun (Lincolns)
  1. A placename, originally in Lincolnshire, England.
  2. An English surname.
  3. w:Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States during the Civil War.
  4. (given name, male) of American usage, originally in honor of Abraham Lincoln.
  5. A brand of American automobile.
  6. An English breed of sheep.
  7. A county in many U.S. states.
  8. (colloquial, US) A five-dollar bill.
    • 1989, Albert William Gray, Size, page 117
    • :A Jackson, a , three singles. He was seven bucks short, ".
    • 2006, EminemsRevenge?, Jew Girl, page 181
    • : " not only winning the hand, but also collecting a five dollar per player bonus. ". Jonah yelled to Fred, who crumpled up a and tossed it toward him.
Lincolnshire Tweet Definition of Lincolnshire Like Definition of Lincolnshire on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A maritime county of eastern England bordered by Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Rutland and the North Sea.
linden Tweet Definition of linden Like Definition of linden on Facebook
  1. any of various deciduous trees, of the genus Tilia, having heart-shaped leaves
  2. the soft wood of such trees
  1. (obsolete) made of lime-wood
lions Tweet Definition of lions Like Definition of lions on Facebook
  1. plural of "lion"
Lipari Islands Tweet Definition of Lipari Islands Like Definition of Lipari Islands on Facebook
proper noun the Lipari Islands; also the Aeolian Islands
  1. A group of islands of Italy off the north coast of Sicily.
Lisbon Tweet Definition of Lisbon Like Definition of Lisbon on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The capital of Portugal and of the district of Lisbon.
  2. A district of Portugal.
lisle Tweet Definition of lisle Like Definition of lisle on Facebook
  1. A type of strong cotton thread.
  2. cloth, Cloth woven from lisle thread.
Lithuania Tweet Definition of Lithuania Like Definition of Lithuania on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. One of the Baltic states. Official name: Republic of Lithuania (Lietuvos Respublika).
Little Rock Tweet Definition of Little Rock Like Definition of Little Rock on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The capital and largest city of the US state of Arkansas with a population of 184,564 with 643,272 in the metropolitan area and 819,469 in the Combined Statistical area in 2005.
Liverpool Tweet Definition of Liverpool Like Definition of Liverpool on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. a seaport on Merseyside, England.
  2. a town in New York State.
  3. a town in Canada.
  4. a town in Australia.
Livingstone Tweet Definition of Livingstone Like Definition of Livingstone on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A Scottish surname, variant of Livingston
  2. w:David Livingstone, David Livingstone Scottish explorer
Livonia Tweet Definition of Livonia Like Definition of Livonia on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A historical region in the Baltic, south of the Gulf of Finland, now divided and constituting southern Estonia and northern Latvia.
  2. Any of various places in the USA.
Livorno Tweet Definition of Livorno Like Definition of Livorno on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Province of Tuscany, Italy.
  2. Town and capital of Livorno.
lizard Tweet Definition of lizard Like Definition of lizard on Facebook
  1. Any reptiles of the order Squamata, usually having four legs, external ear openings, movable eyelids and a long slender body and tail.
  2. Lizard skin, the skin of these reptiles.
    • 1990 October 28, w:Paul Simon, Paul Simon, "Proof", w:The Rhythm of the Saints, The Rhythm of the Saints, Warner Bros.
    • : Silver bells jingling from your black boots, my baby / Silver foil to trim your wedding gown
      1. (colloquial) An unctuous person.
      2. (colloquial) A coward.
Ljubljana Tweet Definition of Ljubljana Like Definition of Ljubljana on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The capital city of Slovenia
(Audio, Ljubljana.ogg, Ljubljana)      
Loch Ness Tweet Definition of Loch Ness Like Definition of Loch Ness on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A lake in the Great Glen of Scotland, the second largest in Britain, and with a maximum depth of 226 metres. It is the alleged home of the Loch Ness monster, Nessie.
Lodi Tweet Definition of Lodi Like Definition of Lodi on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A province of Lombardy, Italy.
  2. A town and capital of this province.
  3. A town in central California
Logan Tweet Definition of Logan Like Definition of Logan on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, male) derived from a Scottish surname "logan".
Loire Tweet Definition of Loire Like Definition of Loire on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. One of the départements of Loire-Atlantique, France
  2. A river of France
Lombard Tweet Definition of Lombard Like Definition of Lombard on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. a member of a Germanic people who invaded Italy in the 6th century; a Langobard.
  2. a native or inhabitant of Lombardy.
  3. a banker or moneylender.
  4. a language of Italy.
Lombard Street Tweet Definition of Lombard Street Like Definition of Lombard Street on Facebook
proper noun (wikipedia, Lombard Street (London))
Lombard street, Street
  1. (London) a road in the City of London, near the Bank of England, that runs from Gracechurch Street to the junction of Poultry and Cornhill
Lombardy Tweet Definition of Lombardy Like Definition of Lombardy on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A region situated in northern Italy, where its capital and the largest city Milan is founded in the Po Valley.
London Tweet Definition of London Like Definition of London on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The capital city of the United Kingdom and of England, situated near the mouth of the River Thames in southeast England, with a metropolitan population of more than 12,000,000.
  2. A city in southwestern Ontario, Canada, with a population of approximately 300,000.
  3. (as a modifier) Of, from, or pertaining to London in the UK.
  4. (as a modifier) Of, from, or pertaining to London, Ontario, Canada.
Long Island Tweet Definition of Long Island Like Definition of Long Island on Facebook
proper noun long, Long island, Island
  1. An island in New York.
loop Tweet Definition of loop Like Definition of loop on Facebook
  1. A length of thread, line or rope that is doubled over to make an opening; the opening so formed
  2. A shape produced by a curve that bends around and crosses itself.
  3. An endless strip of tape or film allowing continuous repetition.
  4. A complete circuit for an electric current.
  5. (computing) A programmed sequence of instructions that is repeated until or while a particular condition is satisfied.
  6. (graph theory) A pair of repeated nodes of an oriented graph represented as an arrow with coinciding endpoints.
  7. A loop-shaped intrauterine device
  8. a maneuver in which an aircraft flies a circular path in a vertical plane
Lorient Tweet Definition of Lorient Like Definition of Lorient on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A coastal town in Morbihan, Brittany, France
Lorraine Tweet Definition of Lorraine Like Definition of Lorraine on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A région of France.
  2. (given name, female) from the French place name, associated with Laura by folk etymology
Los Angeles Tweet Definition of Los Angeles Like Definition of Los Angeles on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A port of the United States and the largest city in California.
Lot Tweet Definition of Lot Like Definition of Lot on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. nephew, Nephew of Abraham in the book of Genesis.
Lothian Tweet Definition of Lothian Like Definition of Lothian on Facebook
  1. An area in Scotland, including Edinburgh
Louise Tweet Definition of Louise Like Definition of Louise on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (given name, female, , ), the French feminine form of Louis, used in English since the seventeenth century.
Louisiana Tweet Definition of Louisiana Like Definition of Louisiana on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A state of the United States of America. Capital: Baton Rouge. Largest city: New Orleans.
Lourdes Tweet Definition of Lourdes Like Definition of Lourdes on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A town in the French Pyrenees, and site of a large Catholic pilgrimage
  2. A female given name
Low Countries Tweet Definition of Low Countries Like Definition of Low Countries on Facebook
proper noun (pluralonly)
  1. The country, countries on low-lying land around the delta of the Rhine, Scheldt, and Meuse (Maas) rivers.
Lower Saxony Tweet Definition of Lower Saxony Like Definition of Lower Saxony on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. One of the component states of Germany according to the current administrative division of the nation.
lowland Tweet Definition of lowland Like Definition of lowland on Facebook
noun (Plural: lowlands)
  1. Area which is lower than surrounding areas.
    The region was prone to flooding during the rainy season.
Luanda Tweet Definition of Luanda Like Definition of Luanda on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The capital of Angola.
Lucca Tweet Definition of Lucca Like Definition of Lucca on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Province of Tuscany, Italy.
  2. City and capital of Lucca.
Lucerne Tweet Definition of Lucerne Like Definition of Lucerne on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A canton of Switzerland.
  2. A city in Switzerland, the capital of the canton of Lucerne.
Lucknow Tweet Definition of Lucknow Like Definition of Lucknow on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. State capital of Uttar Pradesh (India).
Ludlow Tweet Definition of Ludlow Like Definition of Ludlow on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A town in Shropshire, England.
  2. (geology) The Ludlow epoch.
  1. (geology) Of a geologic epoch within the Silurian period from about 423 to 419 million years ago; marked by the appearance of the millipedes.
Lusaka Tweet Definition of Lusaka Like Definition of Lusaka on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. Capital of Zambia
Lusitania Tweet Definition of Lusitania Like Definition of Lusitania on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. An archaic name for Portugal
  2. An Allied passenger ship sunk by a German U-Boat during World War I
Luxembourg Tweet Definition of Luxembourg Like Definition of Luxembourg on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A country in Europe having borders with Belgium, France and Germany. Member state of the European Union. Official language: Letzeburgesh. Official name: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  2. A province of Wallonia, Belgium.
  3. The capital city of Luxembourg (the country).
  4. The district of the Luxembourg (the country) that includes its capital city.
Luzon Tweet Definition of Luzon Like Definition of Luzon on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The largest island of the Philippines
Lynn Tweet Definition of Lynn Like Definition of Lynn on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A surname
  2. (given name, male) usually appearing as a middle name
  3. (given name, female), most popular as a middle name
Lyon Tweet Definition of Lyon Like Definition of Lyon on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (alternative spelling of, Lyons)
Lyons Tweet Definition of Lyons Like Definition of Lyons on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. A city in France, the capital of the Rhí´ne-Alpes région.

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