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A Word a Day

This site is less of an etymology site and more of presentation of the meaning of the word. Still, many find the site quite useful. They also provide their content via a daily email.

Greatest Quotations

This site has quotations searchable by subject, author, and theme! You can browse randomly, view the latest added and use the form to search. It ia also possible to receive this everyday changing quote via email.


This site contains a collection of jokes and quotations. The main categories of jokes are: animals, blonde, business, computer, food, lawyers, marriage, political, Pakistani, school, and women. The main categories of quotations are motivational, love, funny quotes. Some quotes are submitted by users. In addition, you may sign up to receive free daily quotes via e-mail.

Mystery Net

Mystery Net offers a wide variety of mystery books, mystery TV shows, and mystery games as well as interactive mysteries such as See-n-Solve, Solve-it, Twist and Flash mysteries, and Get-a-Clue mini-mystery. The site also provides a very active online community with mystery discussion forums on everything related to the mystery genre.

Quotations Book

Quotations are categorized by author, subject, collections, and origins. The website syndicates content from, Yahoo! News and Technorati, amongst many others. They can deliver a daily email with quotes of the day. (This list is powered by Google Groups.)

The Daily Muse

The Daily Muse is a free email newsletter which brings the important, interesting, and creative thoughts of philosophers and writers to your inbox every morning. After each issue is dispatched, subscribes are invited to share their response to the quote and to engage in discussion and debate in the specially-designed discussion sections of the website.

The Quotation Center

This site contains a database of over 13,000 inspirational quotes. It features a quotation of the day, an option to sign up to receive a new quote daily via e-mail, and the opportunity to submit your own quote. The search function allows you to search by author, subject, or keywords.

Think Exist

You can search for quotes by author or topic; additionally find out which author was born on your birthday. You can receive a daily quote via email.

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