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Earth Tweet Definition of Earth Like Definition of Earth on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. The third planet in order from the Sun, upon which humans live; represented in astronomy and astrology by � and �.
earthlight Tweet Definition of earthlight Like Definition of earthlight on Facebook
  1. sunlight reflected from the earth's surface
Earthshine Tweet Definition of Earthshine Like Definition of Earthshine on Facebook
  1. (astronomy) Reflected earthlight visible on the Moon's night side.
eccentric Tweet Definition of eccentric Like Definition of eccentric on Facebook
  1. A disk or wheel with its axis off centre, giving a reciprocating motion.
  2. One who does not behave like others.
  3. (slang) a kook
  1. Not at or in the centre.
  2. Not perfectly circular
an eccentric or elliptical orbit
  1. Having a different center.
  2. Deviating from the norm; behaving unexpectedly or differently.
"He has become really eccentric over the years."
  1. (physiology) (of a motion) against or in the opposite direction of contraction of a muscle. (E.g. flexion of the lower arm while flexing the tricep; opening of the jaw while flexing the masseter). (Antonym: Concentric)
eclipse Tweet Definition of eclipse Like Definition of eclipse on Facebook
  1. An astronomical alignment in which a planetary object (for example, the Moon) comes between the sun and another planetary object (for example, the Earth), resulting in a shadow being cast by the middle object onto the other object.
  2. A seasonal state of plumage in some birds, notably ducks, adopted temporarily after the breeding season and characterised by a dull and scruffy appearance.
verb (eclipses, eclipsing, eclipsed)
  1. (transitive) Of atronomical bodies, to cause an eclipse.
The Moon eclipsed the Sun.
  1. (transitive) To overshadow; to be better or more noticeable than.
The student"s skills soon eclipsed those of his teacher.
egress Tweet Definition of egress Like Definition of egress on Facebook
  1. An exit or way out
    • The window provides an in the event of an emergency.
      1. The process of exiting or leave, leaving.
verb (egress, es)
  1. (intransitive) To exit or leave; to go or come out.
elliptical Tweet Definition of elliptical Like Definition of elliptical on Facebook
  1. In a shape reminding of an ellipse; oval.
  2. Of, or showing ellipsis; having a word or words omitted.
If he is sometimes and obscure, it is because he has so much to tell us -- w:Edmund Wilson, Edmund Wilson
elongation Tweet Definition of elongation Like Definition of elongation on Facebook
  1. The act of lengthening, or the state of being lengthened; protraction; extension.
  2. That which lengthens out; continuation.
  3. Removal to a distance; withdrawal; a being at a distance; distance.
  4. The angular distance of a planet from the sun; as, the elongation of Venus or Mercury.
Elysium Tweet Definition of Elysium Like Definition of Elysium on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (Classical mythology) the home of the blessed after death.
  2. A place or state of ideal happiness; paradise.
  3. A region in the northern hemisphere of Mars.
  1. blissful; euphoric
  2. of or pertaining to Elysium.
Enceladus Tweet Definition of Enceladus Like Definition of Enceladus on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. a giant in Greek mythology
  1. (astronomy) the seventh moon of Saturn
eon Tweet Definition of eon Like Definition of eon on Facebook
  1. (also temporal í¦on) Eternity.
  2. A period of 1,000,000,000 years.
  3. (geology): The longest time period used in geology.
  4. (informal, hyperbolically) A long period of time.
It's been eons since we last saw each other.
epicycle Tweet Definition of epicycle Like Definition of epicycle on Facebook
  1. (astronomy) (in Ptolemaic cosmology) a small circle, moving around the circumference of a larger circle having the earth at its centre; the supposed orbit of a planet
  2. (mathematics) any circle whose circumference rolls around that of another circle, thus creating a hypocycloid or epicycloid
equator Tweet Definition of equator Like Definition of equator on Facebook
  1. An imaginary great circle around the earth, equidistant from the two poles, and dividing earth's surface into the northern and southern hemisphere.
  2. A similar great circle on any sphere, especially on a celestial body, or on other reasonably symmetrical three-dimensional body.
  3. A short form of the celestial equator.
equinoctial Tweet Definition of equinoctial Like Definition of equinoctial on Facebook
  1. the great circle midway between the celestial poles; the celestial equator
  1. of, or relating to an equinox
  2. of, or relating to the celestial or terrestrial equator
equinox Tweet Definition of equinox Like Definition of equinox on Facebook
  1. the intersection of the ecliptic (apparent path of the sun) with the celestial equator. Vernal Equinox is the intersection that the sun crosses about March 20; autumnal equinox denotes the crossing point about September 23.
Equuleus Tweet Definition of Equuleus Like Definition of Equuleus on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (constellation) The second smallest constellation of the northern sky, said to resemble a little horse. It lies west of the constellation Aquarius.
Eridanus Tweet Definition of Eridanus Like Definition of Eridanus on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (constellation) A large winter constellation of the northern sky. It lies near Orion and Cetus.
  2. (greekmyth) A mythical river of northern Europe, rich in amber.
EROS Tweet Definition of EROS Like Definition of EROS on Facebook
  1. w:Earth Resources Observation Satellite, Earth Resources Observation Satellite.
Europa Tweet Definition of Europa Like Definition of Europa on Facebook
proper noun 
  1. (greek mythology) A Phoenician princess abducted to Crete by Zeus.
  2. A moon of Jupiter.
evening star Tweet Definition of evening star Like Definition of evening star on Facebook
  1. The planet Venus as seen in the western sky in the evening.
    • The evening star is the morning star. (Hesperus is Phosphorus.)
event horizon Tweet Definition of event horizon Like Definition of event horizon on Facebook
  1. (astronomy) The gravitational sphere of a black hole within which even light cannot escape, the gravity of which causing time to practically stop.
extinction Tweet Definition of extinction Like Definition of extinction on Facebook
  1. The action of making or becoming extinct; annihilation.
extragalactic Tweet Definition of extragalactic Like Definition of extragalactic on Facebook
  1. (astronomy) outside the Milky Way system.
extrasolar Tweet Definition of extrasolar Like Definition of extrasolar on Facebook
  1. (astronomy) Of or originating in a solar system other than Earth, Earth's
    A four-inch telescope was once used to find an planet.

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