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A* Proofreading and Editing Services

This is a freelance company which provides proofreading and copy-editing services by a published writer. She offers free sample edit for all, plus discounts for students. ESL students welcome!

A-1 Complete Writing and Editing

They offer writing and editing services for corporations and individuals: novels to business correspondence, poetry to dissertations. Contact site for a free sample edit of your work and/or a no-obligation price quote and consultation.

Academic Support Network

This site provides services for editing, proofreading, and formatting (APA, Chicago, MLA) your thesis, dissertation, college essay, term paper, article, or book.

BioScience Writers

BioScience Writers provides writing, editing, and proofreading services for corporations, institutions, and individuals. They help maximize the accuracy and impact of your written documents to enhance your scientific publication and fund-raising efforts.

Book Editing Associates

They provide the following services: editing, critiques, and preparation of book proposals. They review mainstream and genre, fiction and nonfiction. Literary attorney available to review your contracts with agents and publishers.

Corrector de textos

Corrector de textos provides publishing services including proofreading, cover writing, edition, graphic design (web design), proofreading, copy edition (English or Spanish) and translations.

Edit My Work

This site offers online proofreading services for students, businesses and individuals giving you access to fast document checks by experienced proofreaders and editors. They are open 24 hours a day.


This company provides editing and proofreading services for papers written in Spanish by those whose native language is not Spanish. The site can be viewed in Spanish only and describes their services, experiences, and fees.


This site provides plain-language editing services for businesses looking for success in the American market. They specialize in marketing literature, business letters, reports, instructional materials, and other business documents. They can help you write it - or write it for you.


EnglishOnline.ch is an English writing and editing service specializing in the revision, proofreading and translation of legal and business documents.

Judy King Editorial Services

Judy King Editorial Services provides editing, indexing, project management, proofreading, and writing services. She includes sample projects, contracts, and her editing process on-line.

Lucid Communication

Lucid Communication develops business writing and editing for executives and their organizations. Uses practices from international journalism, commercial copywriting and corporate communication. They have a directory of communication links and free advice.

Perfect Editing Solutions

They are a proofreading and copy editing service. They correct and edit English grammar, punctuation, spelling, links and a lot more for mainly websites, letters, applications, CVs / resumes, advertisements, manuals, e-newsletters, and e-mail messages.

Pro Novel Editing

At Pro Novel Editing, you can hire professional writers to edit your novel manuscript. Services include proofreading, copyediting, developmental editing, book doctor services, and critiques. They present a free sample edit with price quote.

Sci Fi Editor

Book editing service specializing in science fiction & speculative fiction. This company has served writers, agents, and publishers since 1976. You will receive two files: one color-coded using MSWord tracking feature, and the other clean, with all changes incorporated.

Word Choice

Word Choice helps you with freelance writing and editing services. Their premise is that the English language offers innumerable, sometimes overwhelming, choices of words, sentence structure, form & format, and style & tone.

Write Science Right

They are a professional online scientific editing service by native English-speaking scientists enabling effective communication of findings and ideas.

Writing English

If you have a scientific paper or technical article, or a report, business letter, term paper, manuscript, website, curriculum vitae, or other presentation to prepare or present, they can proofread it for errors, continuity, and flow. Your edited writing will be acceptable for everyday use in North American business.

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