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You can send free e-cards, celebrities, games, jokes, and movies & more from Ecard4all. If you like a joke you know, you can send it to them to add to their page.

Free Animated eCards

From this site, you can send free animated birthday e-cards. There is a list of categories you can choose from such as belated birthday cards or cards for pets.

Funmunch Jokes

They have jokes about blondes, men, women, computers, internet, office, celebrities, professions, and general jokes. Their jokes are free and clean. If you want to email a joke to someone, just complete the box they have at the end of the jokes.

Humorous E-Cards

This site has free funny e-cards that are fun and easy to send. There are a wide choice of one-liners and jokes to accompany your greeting. The cards that appear on that site have been submitted by artists around the world

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