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This site has a link for kids.

Austria - Austrian Press & Information Service

This site is the home of all things Austrian in the USA. The site contains lots of links about the country, visas and more.


This is a modest site though it provides information about current events including the Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict.

Belarus Embassy

This site provides information and articles about the country, culture, art, science, current events, government, and business. They also have a humanitarian section.

Belgium Embassy

This site contains all the information that you would expect from an embassy. It provides lots of information on this French and Flemish speaking country.


This site includes pdf files on Commitment to Pursue Constitutional Reform, Joint statement, and Declaration on Strengthening Relations. Additionally, the site has news, links, and contact information to various people.


This site concentrates on political news. You can also find emails to their staff, information about the country and their people, and about the economy.


This site concentrates news such as current events, foreign policy, diplomatic mission, and speeches. Additionally, it contains information about the country.

Czech Republic

Their webpage has information about their country, current events, and a list of schools and individuals who teach their language. You can view their page in English or Czech., though not all the links are in English.


Denmark may be a small country, but the embassy's web site is broad and deep. You can find all the stuff you would expect to find at an embassy site, plus a document about the late Queen Ingrid's life.


The Estonian Embassy in Washington has put together a helpful site with lots of links to all things Estonian. You can view their website in English and Estonian. There is an explanation of the US-Baltic Charter.


This site is compact and to the point. Information is easy to get to on topics that range from travel and the economy to the arts. You can view their website in English, Spanish, and Suomi.


This site is filled with lots of helpful information about France, all in English. Unfortunately the habit of using list boxes to present links is not very optimal, though there is a search box.


This site concentrates on providing information on their government and current events. There is information on their country such as history, regions, symbols, economy, culture, and holidays.


This site is a great resource for learning about Germany. You can visit German media and more with information and links on this site. Podcast is available to obtain information.


This site provides lots of information about Greek culture, wildlife, travel and business. You can sign-up for their newsletter to keep abreast of the current events.

Russia - The Russian Federation

The Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. has built a large site filled with all kinds of information. Whether you are looking to travel, research Russian history or learn about modern Russia, this is a great resource.

United Kingdom

They provide up-to-date information about Britain including UK Government policy & humanitarian efforts, British science & technology advancements, requirements & regulations for visas to Britain, and a wealth of additional information and news about Britain in the US. They have a page for children.

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