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Bahrain Embassy

This site provides updated news (current events, tourism, business, embassy news, etc.) about Bahrain. They also have links to other sites about Bahrain.


The Bangladesh Embassy works to maintain and broaden this relationship which is characterized by successful cooperation across a wide range of political, economic and security issues. This site provides links to Bangladesh embassies worldwide.


Learn all you ever wanted to know about Brunei, and be sure to find all the chancery and consular information you need. They have a travel guide video. The site also has news.


There is a complete list of Royal Cambodian Embassies and Consulates around the world has been compiled, along with email addresses. This site also contains information about the government, tourism, and news.

China - People's Republic of China

This site contains many interesting links, but often they lead to incomplete pages. If you are looking for visa information, it's there, but in Chinese.


This site has information on India - US relations, economic relations, Ministry of External Affairs, tourism, business, Prime Minister National Relief Fund, upcoming events, and current event. There is search box. You can subscribe to one of their newsletters (India Review, India Economic News, Cultural Events)


Most information provided needs to be downloaded (in.pdf format) before viewing it.


This site provides up-to-date news about Israel, including the Israeli-Arab conflict. They organize and promote cultural events featuring Israeli artists or artwork. They have a special section for kids to learn about the history, geography, and symbols of Israel.


This site focuses on news, but does provide other information about Japan.


Provides foreign, political, and economic position statements.


They declare their commitment to strengthen the long-term, strategic partnership and cooperation between our nations, seeking to advance a shared vision of a peaceful, prosperous and sovereign Kazakhstan in the 21st Century.


This site provides information about Kuwait, its culture and heritage, history, and current events.


It includes pictures of the country and music.


Laos People's Democratic Republic embassy site provides information on their culture.


Scholarships are available to Lebanese students in many forms. Meet the criteria listed on the Lebanese higher education website, and contact the Embassy in Washington DC at: [email protected] to apply.

Saudi Arabia

It has video and audio clips on topics such as prayers, Saudi TV, current events and Saudi sports. They provide a live feed of Saudi Television wherever possible.


You will find information about the work of th eEmbassy, press statements and speeches issued by the Embassy as well as other useful links on information about Singapore. You can get the latest updates on developments between Singapore and US by signing up for their newsletter.

Sri Lanka

It provides up-to-date current events concentrating on Sir Lanka � US relations. There is also information on travel, investment, community and events, and archive of past news stories.


This site provides useful information and is updated frequently. Unfortunately, it takes awhile to load. The site includes current events, information about Thailand (general information, politics, economics, and social issues), and a directory.

Turkey - Republic of Turkey

This is an attractive site with lots of content. Read about the history, the politics or tourism. Additionally, this site provides a number of links to historical documents in English.


This site offers comprehensive and up-to-date information about Turkmenistan. The Embassy in Washington, DC and the diplomats assigned to the embassy are also responsible for diplomatic relations with Canada and Mexico.


This site will help you to enhance your knowledge and understanding about Uzbekistan, its presence in the United States of America, and bilateral relations between their countries. It includes their economic interaction, as well as news and press releases on Uzbekistan economy and business, culture and tourism, education and science.


This site includes their economic interaction, news and press releases, business, culture geopgraphy and tourism. There is also information about the US and Vietnam relations.


This site provides detailed information on the embassy and Yemen, such as contact information, news, national anthem, Yemeni-US relationship, and Human rights and women issues. The links are mostly in Arabic.

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