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Azerbaijan Internet links

The site provides summary news of the day related to Azerbaijan and nearby region. The English - Azerbaijani dictionary on the side is a brief but precise online reference database.

Discover Asia

Read about the places to visit in Asia and about safari trips, cruises, sight seeing, nature trips, tips, places to visit, and hotels & resort rates. The site also includes maps of the areas.

Jordan Travel Exchange

This is a One Stop Travel Shop to Jordan � it provides information about Jordan�s historical and religious sites, travel services, hotels, restaurants, local foods, airlines, Jordanian costumes and handicrafts.

Travel China

At this site, you can view the different areas of China you may interested in visiting, plus it provides a description of the area or the tourist site. You can view their site in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Travel to Nakhchivan

They offer travel services to Nakhchivan and mainland Azerbaijan. Their focus is to develop a range of services that will cater to the specific requirements of the business traveler introducing ease and convenience into the travel experience.

Vietnam Lodging

TNK Travel offers the travel services throughout Vietnam including: hotels, resorts, hostels, guesthouse, lodging, apartments, flats, housing, lodging, accommodation reservation and booking with huge discounts, package tours, travel packages, Halong kayaking tours, Sapa hill tribes tours, and Mekong delta tours.

Vietnam Open Tour

Vietnam Open Tour is one of the leading tour operators in Vietnam. They can offer cheapest rates of hotels, rooms, tours, and cars in Vietnam.

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