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ABC Tracing Pages

This site provides sheets for children to trace and practice writing their letters. It includes instructions on how to use the sheets for teaching the children.

Ed Helper is dedicated to providing teachers a single shop for educational resources. They have worksheets for spelling, vocabulary, and reading comprehension (along with other academic areas). You can design your own crossword puzzles and word search games. You need to register to use part of their site.

English Banana

English Banana features over 200 free printable worksheets for teachers and students of English. It includes online word games and quizzes. You can buy and download their products direct to your computer.

Handwriting For Kids

This site provides lessons and practice sheets in teaching kids basic handwriting. It also provides tips on how to teach the kids this skill.

Owl On-line Writing Lab

This site offers online writing & research help. Additionally, there are handouts and exercises on starting to write, effective writing, revising, editing, and proofreading, and types and genres of writing.

Study Turkce

The Study Turke bookstore produces a wide range of Turkish language textbooks, classes, lessons and other resources for Turkish language learners. The site is the official site of the German Turkish Association based in Istanbul.

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