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Abroad Languages

Abroad Languages as language schools around the world: learn English in Canada and UK, learn French in France, learn German in Austria, learn Italian in Italy and learn Spanish in Spain. You can view their site in English, Italian, German, and Spanish.

Accord �cole de Langues

This is an intensive French for non-speakers school in Paris, France. There are various courses available for different levels and lengths of time. Additionally there are three programs that offer immersion in various fields of business. You can view their website in English, French, Japanese, and Korean.

ASA Study Abroad Program

Earn American college credits with the ASA American Study Abroad Program. This program allows students, who are not fluent in a foreign language, to study abroad. You can learn French in Guadeloupe, French West Indies, and Caribbean; Spanish in Costa Rica; and Italian in Sicily.

Center of training of French foreign language

On this site, the Center of training of French foreign language proposes teaching resources for the French professors, a list of associations of professors, a calendar of congress on the French language and well of other useful information for all the French professors. You will also discover Lare teacher trainings for professors of FLE.

Centre International dAntibes

They are a French Language school on the French Riviera-France, specializing in teaching French to non-French speakers. They have short term and long term programs with courses in standard, intensive, executives, and parents & kids. You can view their site in English, French, Spanish, & Italian.


If you have taken the time to learn either French, German, Spanish or Italian, here is the proven way to take your vocabulary and listening-comprehension skills to the next level - subscribe to Champs-Elys�es, Schau ins Land, Puerta Sol, and Acquerello Italiano and use them to stay in touch with the languages and cultures they love. Produced entirely in Europe by professional broadcasters and journalists, each audiomagazine consists of an hour-long programme on audio cassette or CD packed with news, features, and interviews. A booklet containing a word-for-word transcript and an extensive glossary accompanies the audio component. In addition to translations of difficult words and phrases, the glossaries contain copious biographical, historical, political, and cultural notes prepared by seasoned editors. An optional study supplement with listening exercises and grammar drills is also available in each issue.


Communicaid designs and delivers French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese Language Training Courses. They conduct and assessment of your need to design a course to match your needs. The teachers are dual-qualified trainers (bankers, financiers, etc, as well as linguists).

Credits French

They offer French classes and special programs for US students. Register at Accord the French language school in Paris through Benedictine College and receive university credits that can be transferred to your home institution.

French for Juniors

The Atoll Juniors language summer camps have proven their efficiency for the past 17 years. In an international atmosphere meet teens from different cultures, and share the same goal: learn French!

Language Studies International

LSI has nineteen language schools in eleven countries. Learn English, French Spanish and German in England, Ireland, Spain, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

Learn Business French

These are schools where you can learn business and professional French language in France. You can practice French in your specific field, in Paris or in Antibes / French Riviera.

Learn French Abroad

They offer lessons of French for adults, teens and kids, or teachers of French as a foreign language. There are accommodation in Paris, on the French Riviera, on the Atlantic Coast or in Province. You can view their site in English, French, and German.

Learn French in France

This is a free directory to learning French at French language schools in France, the Caribbean, French Polynesia and French Canada. Their site includes a description of France and of courses.

Learn Languages Abroad

Learn Italian in Italy, learn Spanish in Spain, learn French in France, and learn German in Austria. Find useful tip on choosing the best language school. They offer home stays with local families in student�s residences, hotels, with individuals, or shared apartments; giving you the opportunity to experience the culture as a member of an extended local family.

Paris Juniors

Paris Juniors is a division of Accord Language School which offers summer French language courses and camps in Paris for children 13-17. They offer activities, trips, and language instruction. At least one member of staff will stay at the residence or on campus at all times.


Parlo�s teaches French, Spanish, and Italian on-line. They developed Virtual Immersion TM approach. Using the interactivity of the Internet, Virtual Immersion TM surrounds learners with realistic, practical and fun information about the language and culture they're studying, replicating the study abroad experience online.

Passport Language

They offer English, German, Italian Spanish, and French Language courses in destinations worldwide. They have language courses, activity holidays, internships, and junior summer camps. You can view their site in English, German, Italian Spanish, and French.

French surfing tool in French.


They have Spanish school in Malaga, French language course in Montpellier, and English courses in London. They offer scholarships. The web page is in German.

Study French

The Centre International d�Antibes is a recognized French language school on the French Riviera (C�te d�Azur) - since 1985 - offering high quality tuition, accommodation in host family or residence, fun and cultural activities.

You Learn French

This is a portal of general information, language word lists, website links, and course information that will enable individuals to learn French. In other words, this site is a starting point for further learning. There is also a history of the language and map of France.

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