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English(52), Other Languages(30), Vocabulary(14), Grammar(11)

An Online Language Laboratory

This is a phonologically complete guides to the pronunciation of seven varieties of English, and seven other languages. A spoken grammar of English and online dictionaries are also provided. You simply mouse over the sounds to hear them spoken, so even young children can use this resource.


Auralog a language learning software and publisher of the reference TeLL me More. Their software covers all the skills to learn a language, including reading and writing, speaking and listening, grammar, and vocabulary. It is available to learn English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch.


ECTACO, Inc. develops and produces electronic handheld translator software and electronic dictionaries in many languages. You can order their product on-line. This site also has on-line foreign dictionaries.


ESL educators, linguists, artists and programmers have been working together creating learning multimedia instructional system designed to provide hours of effective instruction for all language levels. They have some free downloads.

Justin Language Page

This site connects language learners from around the world for free so they can practice their second language skills. Practice your language skills with a native speaker over Skype, msn, email or face to face.

Language Express

Language Express makes innovative study materials to learn languages. Their products are portable learning tools that go anywhere you go.

Liberation Philology

Liberation Philology Software offers user-friendly computer programs to help beginning and intermediate students master the vocabulary and/or basic grammar of a variety of ancient, medieval, and modern languages. There is a cost for the software.

Linguaphone Language Learning Solutions

Linguaphone Language Programs solves the problem of international communication skills in any international language with effective language learning solutions. Besides international English people can learn 30 international languages with Linguaphone.

My Language Exchange

This site can match you with an exchange partner who is practicing your native language and his/her native is the one you are practicing. E-mail pal is the main scheme but there are also chat rooms equipped with on-line dictionaries.

Tandem Language Exchange Community

The virtual place where you can practice and develop your knowledge in other languages through the direct contact with people all over the world interested, like you, in cultural and language exchange.

Valencian Language

This is an international site for the Valencian language. It includes e-books, articles, studies, news, resources & links. Web versions are in English, Spanish, German, French and Valencian.

Words & Tools

It contains interactive tests and exercises for language learners. Their demos contain a variety of fully operative free exercises. Take a diagnostic vocabulary test in English Multilingual site. Also contains interactive crosswords and puzzles for learners of Spanish.

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