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A collection of jokes is available here. Click on any category and you will see a list of jokes then just click on your favorite joke! You can send each joke to your friends and you can rate/review jokes.


A medley of amusement - it has nothing to with biscuits and it has nothing to do with cheese! Original humorous songlets with mp3 downloads, original spoof advertisements, original digital images, ponder page, biskitzblog and other interesting stuff - including possibly the only Excel slot machine in the world available for free download.


In the Graffiti section, it contains jokes, one-liners, funny definitions, quotations, etc. This website is geared towards college students.

Caricature Zone

Discover more than 1,000 caricatures of international celebrities and explore an easy-to-use method of sketching faces with a few clicks. They also have funny games, clip art, and more. You can view their site in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish.

College Humor

This site contains funny pictures, jokes, articles, and quotes. Some jokes may be considered vulgar by some people. You can submit your own jokes or funny pictures.

College Student Fun Portal

Humor about areas such as exams, roommates, parties. The site has practical jokes and fun stories. Some information on this site could be vulgar to some.

Come on in and start laughing! At over 3000 joke and humor files, you are bound to find something funny. Or, take a moment to submit your favorite joke! The joke and humor files are updated twice daily.

Dennis Funny Pages

This site contains a large number of jokes, cows, cartoons, caricatures, comics, lawyer jokes, philosophical jokes. Also included are Microsoft bashing, technology jokes and Dutch humor.


You can send free e-cards, celebrities, games, jokes, and movies & more from Ecard4all. If you like a joke you know, you can send it to them to add to their page.

Funmunch Jokes

They have jokes about blondes, men, women, computers, internet, office, celebrities, professions, and general jokes. Their jokes are free and clean. If you want to email a joke to someone, just complete the box they have at the end of the jokes.

Funny Mailer

This site contains jokes and funny pictures. They have a search box so you can search for a joke. You can register for free daily jokes sent to your email.

This site screens and receives new jokes daily. You can vote on jokes, track unread jokes, submit jokes, message other members, save jokes to your own folders. No one political, religious or ethnic group is free from a little ridicule, but they do not condone hate or threatening speech.

Gopher Gas

This site includes jokes, games, other funny stuff and games including word games. An example of a game is Text Twist - you unscramble the letters and find the words before time runs out.

Humorous E-Cards

This site has free funny e-cards that are fun and easy to send. There are a wide choice of one-liners and jokes to accompany your greeting. The cards that appear on that site have been submitted by artists around the world

I Should Be Working

I Should Be Working is cyber slacking fun including links to online games, jokes, and bizarre stuff. Use the menu on the left of their page to effectively and efficiently waste some time. They have a panic button on the site in case your boss comes in.

Innocent English

This site contains funny English mistakes from around the world and new English students. You can submit your own story including something funny you said while learning English.

Insane Pictures

Insane Pictures has funny pictures, cartoons, photos, and jokes. Many of them are adult humor. You can sign-up for their daily email jokes.


This site contains a collection of jokes and quotations. The main categories of jokes are: animals, blonde, business, computer, food, lawyers, marriage, political, Pakistani, school, and women. The main categories of quotations are motivational, love, funny quotes. Some quotes are submitted by users. In addition, you may sign up to receive free daily quotes via e-mail.

Joke Thing

Hundreds of jokes all categorized by topic. Vote for your favourite jokes and send them to your friends for free. Join the Jokething mailing list and get free jokes in your email every week.

Jokes Pk

This site contains a searchable collection of free jokes. Some categories include school, animals, blonde, medical, computer, and work jokes. You can also receive new jokes via email everyday.

This site features a considerable archive of jokes and funny stories. If you register with them, you can also receive free e-mail, and a joke of the day via e-mail.

Miscellaneous Humor

This site contains humor on various subjects such as gender, parenting, workplace, education, sports, and language. Many of the jokes on this site are jokes received by email. This is a personal website and is free of charge.

MuZiCk! - The irreverent rock music lexicon

Are you in a rock band? Have you been in a rock band? Do you aspire to be in a rock band? If you can answer yes to any of these questions then you will identify with the wicked, witty, cynical, and even scathing definitions in MuZiCk, the irreverent rock music lexicon.


This site contains jokes, anecdotes, graffiti, humorous visuals e-cards, satire, one-liners, wallpapers of celebrities, cartoons, insults, etc. The information is classified in various sections. It is free.

Silent Kimbly

This is a Pun Comic that is updated 3x a week Welcome to the fun and creative world of Silent Kimbly. A place where visual puns and cute wordplay literally come to life. Follow Kimbly , a spunky space girl, her pet �Binx�, & her adorably fuzzy friend �Tenderness� as they find the joy in everyday.

Soon Online Magazine

This site features daily cartoons, jokes by e-mail, funny stories and anecdotes, and more. Access to the site is free.

Spanish Unlimited

Study Spanish free with their online lessons, vocabulary games and didactical contents developed by Spanish teachers. This site also includes Spanish humor (which are in Spanish).

Split a Rib

This is a humor site with loads of and links. You can choose a joke randomly or choose from one of their categories of jokes: sporting, miscellaneous, longer, gender, funny lists, computer, blonde, bar, and animal jokes.

Spoonerism Day e-cards

It is Spoonerism Day! When you accidentally swap the initial sounds in a pair of words, it is called Spoonerism. On this day, send fun ecards to all your near and dear ones to shake them miles... Oops make them smile.

Super Laugh

Super Laugh features eCards and humor ecards for birthdays, holidays, and all occasions. The cards are printable. You can sign-up for free daily eCards & funny jokes sent to your email!

Word of Mouth Record

This site offers many fun things such as jokes and competitions for unknown bands. You can rate and submit your own jokes. Got a Band in need of some publicity, they will put your song on the website on the site for a day. Everything on this site is free of charge.

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