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A Basic Dictionary of ASL Terms

This dictinary is to help people who are trying to communicate with a person who signs, but does not hear. This dictionary has both animated and text definitions. The text definitions also have letter or number sign images to aid in visualizing the sign.

ASL Fingerspelling

This site has tools for beginners and advance to help you become proficient at finger spelling. It also includes a standard dictionary to learn the basic finger shapes and interactive quiz.

Bili�im Terimleri

Bili�im Terimleri is an English Turkish computer terms dictionary and a computer related informations portal. The website is in Turkish.

Computer-Tipps - Computer Dictionary includes a German computer dictionary with many entries. There is a membership and a forum. The website is in German.

English-Spanish Dictionary of Library and Information Studies

This is a compilation of the terminology, both general and specific, that students and professionals generally encounter when reading library and information literature. The site is in both English and Spanish.


Eurodicautom is the European Commissions multilingual term bank. It specializes in terminology (agriculture, telecommunications, transport, legislation, finance) related to European Union policy. Be careful though, because a number of terms may only be used in the EU Area.

There are four Turkish dictionary engines; Turkish to English mainly; however, Japanese and other world languages are included. There is also a computer terms dictionary for Turkish to English Specificity. is a computer & EDP dictionary in German language with more than 800 words and descriptions. There is also a computer assistance forum. This website is in German.


Lexexakt is an on-line German law dictionary and includes over 3,800 explanations for German law terms. Off-line versions for different platforms are available in the Downloadbereich. This dictionary defines German law terms in German. If you click on English - German, it translates the English term into German. The main site is in German, but you can view some of the site in English.


This web site offers a translation of usual mathematical vocabulary between French, English and Spanish. Scroll down the page or click on a letter to find the term you want to translate.

Multilingual Animal Glossary of Unveiled Synonyms

This is a Pan-European glossary of common names of wild and domestic animals: mammals and birds in more than 50 languages of Europe. The terms are shown in a table format with the languages on the header.

Multilingual Glossary of Medical Terms

This system contains the electronic form of eight glossaries, in which you can find technical and popular medical terms in eight of the nine official European languages : English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish. Search by: browse by language, the multilingual lemma collection, and speed search.

Portuguese Food Dictionary

This is a dictionary of Portuguese food terms, commonly used in restaurants and on menus, which are translated into English. You can search the dictionary by clicking on a letter or inputting a word in the search box.

Power Of Knowledge

This site contains 23 multi languages real estate glossaries. The site also includes mortgage, lexicons; and the green building and green culture glossary.

Romanian Translations Online

Romanian Translations Online provides English to Romanian translation services by a lawyer who specializes in legal translation. The website also contains English to Romanian legal glossary. Other services provided: legal writing, editing and proofreading, web page localization, legal glossary building, Romanian brand naming.

Spanish Food Dictionary

This dictionary contains Spanish food terms not normally included in Spanish dictionaries. You can search individual words and complete phrases, corresponding to typical Spanish dishes you might find in Spanish restaurants.

Spanish Medical Translation

Spanish Medical Translation is a Spanish to English language translation company that provides translating services to medical, pharmaceutical, dental, biomedical, medical device and healthcare businesses.

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