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Accounting Online

This site contains definitions of accounting terms. The webpage is in Italian.

Accounting Terminology Guide

This site is a glossary of accounting terms. The New York State Society of CPAs (NYSSCPA) General Committee on Public Relations has prepared this glossary as an educational tool for journalists who report on and interpret financial information.

English to Spanish Dictionary Of Finance & AccountingTerms

This English - Spanish dictionary is intended to serve as a convenient reference tool and is designed to be essential to investors of any kind or preparers and users of financial information. Areas covered include stocks and bonds, foreign currencies, derivatives, banks and other financial institutions and much more. You can also find a list of accounting abbreviations and acronyms.

Financial Dictionary

This site provides definitions for financial terms, including a few slang terms. There is also a forum.

Forex Glossary

This is an online guide for the study of foreign currency trading and investing, with an extensive range of definitions, cross-references between related terms, informative sidelights, hyperlinked keywords and examples. You can search a genetic term in two different ways pick from an alphabetical list of terms or search the database.

This is an online financial dictionary, providing terms and definitions for investors, as well as news, info, related links, and a term of the day. It is also accessible for free on mobile devices.

Tax Command

This site is a dictionary of tax terms. You find the term you want to look up by clicking on a letter and scrolling down the page.

VentureLines MBA

VentureLines MBA has a dictionary of accounting terms. You find the term you want to look up by clicking on a letter and scrolling down the page. If the accounting term is not in the accounting dictionary, click contact and they will define the accounting terms you require.

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