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Better Than Great Mortgage Rates

If you are thinking of obtaining a mortgage and are unfamiliar with mortgage terms, this is a great website to visit. The definitions are very clear and easily understood.

Bo Real Forest

This is a dictionary of wood product and construction terminology. Click a letter or scroll down the webpage to look for your term.

Concrete Glossary

This glossary is for any one involved in the concrete industry. These definitions have been designed to be as clear, basic, and as informative as possible. It is not the intent of this glossary to cover every term in every classification, but those that are most used or misused, or abused.

Construction Glossary

This glossary has terms regarding construction and home building. It is written by Home Building Manual.

EIA Energy Glossary

This glossary provides energy terms and definitions as used in EIA reports, presentations, and survey forms. Click on a letter to find the definition of the word you want.

Energy Central Power

This site is an all-inclusive dictionary of terms related to electric power. The terms are organized alphabetically.

Erosion Control Glossary

This is a glossary of soil erosion control terms. Some words have pictures to assist with the understanding of a term. It is written by The Construction Site (tm).

Lighting Design Glossary

This glossary has explanation of terms used in architectural lighting and lighting simulation, crosslinked to the german language version. They have used a number of printed and online sources in compiling everything you find there.

Painting Glossary

The glossary contains terms used commonly in the paint and coatings industry to describe the characteristics, usage and components of paints and coatings. It is written by Spectra Paint, a supplier of paint and accessories.

Power Of Knowledge

This site contains 23 multi languages real estate glossaries. The site also includes mortgage, lexicons; and the green building and green culture glossary.

Sound Home Resource Center Glossary

This is a glossary of construction terms. Scroll through the glossary, or click on the letter that starts the word you're looking for.

Terms of Environment

Terms of Environment defines in non-technical language the more commonly used environmental terms appearing in EPA publications. You can order a free, print copy of Terms of Environment.

Wickes Lumber Dictonary

This is a building/lumber dictionary on the webpage of Wickes Lumber. Search by clicking on the first letter of the term you are looking for information on.

Window Speak

This is a dictionary of terms related to windows written by Anderson Windows. You can browse through the dictionary by clicking on a letter or scrolling down the webpage.

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