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Glossary of Forestry Terms

This is a glossary of forestry terms. Definitions given here are a compilation of general terms used in British Columbia, Canada. The glossary does not include all forestry terms used in other countries.

Garden Web Glossary

This glossary was compiled by the editors of Garden Web from a variety of sources. The Garden Web glossary of botanical terms currently contains 4400 terms relating to botany, gardening, horticulture and landscape architecture.

Glossary of Landscape Irrigation Terms

This is an extensive glossary of terms related to landscape irrigation. (This site is not owned by a supplier or contractor, but by an individual.)

Hardwood Dictionary

This is a dictionary of hardwood species) of the hardwood sold by Highland Hardwoods). There is a detail description of the woods and their properties.

Woodland Dictionary

Forestry is a specialized field with its own terms and abbreviations. This guide will define many of the words commonly used in forestry and woodland management. Click on a letter to browse the dictionary.

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