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Bankruptcy Dictionary

This is a glossary of bankruptcy terms. You can search for a word by clicking on a letter.

Canada Bankruptcy Dictionary

A glossary of bankruptcy terms for people who live in Canada. You can search for a word by clicking on a letter.

Canada Law Dictionary

This is a glossary of Canada law terminology. Click on a letter to search for your word.


At DivorceNet, study the words of divorce to facilitate communication with your lawyer. Your legal vocabulary will give you a tactical advantage. You can browse the dictionary by clicking on a letter.

Duhaime Law Dictionary

This is a glossary of legal terms. It was researched, written in plain language, and provided free of charge by lawyer Lloyd Duhaime. Select the first letter of the legal term you wish to research.

Everybody's Legal Glossary

This glossary contains plain-English definitions for hundreds of legal terms, from the common to the bizarre. It is written by Nolo, a provider of do-it-yourself legal solutions for consumers and small businesses.

Formfolks Legal Dictionary

Formfolks Legal Dictionary is a free law dictionary with more than 1,000 legal terms defined. You can search by keyword, search by letter, or click the complete legal dictionary word list to browse the dictionary.

Law Dictionary

This site provides English definitions to English law terms. You can search by looking for a definition, by searching for words that include a specific term, or browse the dictionary by clicking on a letter. Law Dictionary

This is a free online law dictionary with a wide variety of legal terms; the source is the 6th edition of the Bouvier Law Dictionary. If you do not find the legal term you are looking for in their dictionary, you can submit the legal term and they will find the legal definition and add it in the dictionary. provides free legal resources written in plain English. Their website currently contains over 2,500 legal terms. The definitions are sorted alphabetically.


Lexexakt is an on-line German law dictionary and includes over 3,800 explanations for German law terms. Off-line versions for different platforms are available in the Downloadbereich. This dictionary defines German law terms in German. If you click on English - German, it translates the English term into German. The main site is in German, but you can view some of the site in English.

Ottawa Divorce

This site has a glossary of divorce and separation terms for those who live in Canada. These definitions are overviews, provided to help you begin to understand what is involved in ending a marriage.

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