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Word of the Week--"rubric"
Definition--1) A rubric is that part of any work in the early manuscripts and typography which was colored red, to distinguish it from other portions. 2) The directions and rules for the conduct of service formerly written or printed in red. 3) An authoritative rule or set of rules. 4) A class or category.
Discussion--The Romans called an ordinance or law a rubric, because it was written with vermilion and appeared in red print. Additionally, in religious services a direction in a missal, hymnal, or other liturgical book was printed in red characters and called a rubric. Later any title or heading of a book came to be known as a rubric.

More recently, rubric has been used to indicate any authoritative rule or direction and more generally as a class or category as in the usage, "Let's discuss this under the rubric of . . ."

Etymology--Rubric was borrowed from the Latin rubrica meaning a red ochre. The Latin root for red can be seen in the French and Italian equivalents.

   Foreign Translations
French:  rubrique (f)
Italian:  regole

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