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Word of the Week--"yellow"
of the colour of gold, butter, egg-yolk, a lemon, etc.
Discussion--Yellow is the color of many wonderful things, such as gold, butter, daffodills, and the sun. Yellow is also the unfortunate color of Mountain Dew and its competitor Mello Yello. Most find yellow an objectionable color for a soft drink. Hence, it is seldom packaged or served in a clear container. Being that Mountain Dew is a favorite drink of mine, when I drink it, I think of the wonderful items that are yellow.
Etymology--yellow is derived from the Middle English yelwa and yelow, which come for the Old English geolu. These terms are based on the Indo-European root ghel-, which refers to items that shine, such as bright materials like gold.
You can see this root in the languages below.

   Foreign Translations
German: gelb
Dutch: geel
French: jaune (m)
Italian: giallo

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