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Word of the Week--"xylophone"
Definition--a musical percussion instrument consisting of a series of wooden bars of different lengths to sound a chromatic scale, played by being struck with two small wooden mallets.
Discussion--Many children play the xylophone, often a metal version, as their first instrument. It's fun to hit and more pleasant sounding than hitting the furniture, a window, or a younger sibling. Sadly, few return to this pleasant-sounding instrument later in life. Some will play the glockenspiel in marching band. A glockenspiel is similar to a xylophone, but has two small rows of metal bars and can be attached to the body and played while marching.

Etymology--Xylophone is from the Greek xylon meaning wood plus the English suffix -phone as in microphone or telephone. The English suffix is boorowed from the Greek phoné meaning a device that receives or emits sound. These same Greek roots are clearly present in the languages shown below.

   Foreign Translations
German:  Xylophon (nt)
Dutch:  xylofoon (de)
French:  xylophone (m)
Italian: xilofono
Spanish: xilófono

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