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Word of the Week--"Temperamental"
Definition--Temperamental- adj. moody, irritable, emotional; unpredictable, unreliable.

Discussion-- There are two primary uses for the word temperamental. The first is in reference to a person who is given to sudden changes in mood; the second is in reference to a machine that does not work properly on a consistent basis.

We are all temperamental at times, but it is those that are constantly prone to sudden mood changes thay you need to be aware of. If those people seem to be in a bad mood, I try to stay clear of their path. Even if they are happy, I walk on eggshells for fear of prompting them into another mood swing. The most severely temperamental of people suffer from a condition called bipolar disorder. People suffering from this condition experience manic highs and depressive lows, but rarely, if ever, find the middle ground.

The second primary usage of the word temperamental involves the performance of machines. If we are calling a machine temperamental we are referring to its unreliability and inconsistent performance. Computers are famed for their temperamental tendencies. They are always crashing and requiring a reboot, which makes e-commerce an occasionally risky business. Fortunately, we have programmers that understand a heck of a lot more about computers than I do. Otherwise, you would never have the privilege of reading my insightful notes!

Etymology--Temperamental- derivative of temperament, from Latin temperamentum, from temperare, meaning to mix.

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  grillig, onberekenbaar
French:  capricieux (-euse)
German:  Mucken haben
Italian:  mutevole
Spanish:  caprichoso

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