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Word of the Week--"Superstition"
Definition--Superstition- n. a belief in the supernatural effects of something on nature; an irrational fear of that which is unknown.

Discussion--Many superstitious beliefs and actions have found their way into our society. Have you ever heard the phrase "knock on wood"? This act of knocking on wood is based on the superstition that people will "jinx" themselves if they comment on how something good is happening in their lives. For instance, if someone says something like "I have never had any problems with my car at all," then that person would knock on wood if they were superstitious. Otherwise, the superstitious believe, that person is destined to experience car trouble!

Athletes are notorious for their superstitions. One professional baseball player had a lucky pair of socks; he didn't change them for an entire season! I would hate to have the locker next to that guy. Other acts of superstition that I have heard athletes engage in are always wearing the same shirt under the uniform, not shaving until the playoffs are over, never stepping on the foul line in baseball, etc... There are literally thousands of superstitions that athletes believe in.

Athletes do not have a monopoly on superstitious behavior, however. Most of us have at least one superstition. When I play basketball I never smile if I make a bunch of shots in a row. If I do, I always miss the next one!

Etymology--Superstition- from Middle French superstition, from Latin superstitiotonem, meaning fear of the gods.

Notice that the French and English translations are exactly the same.

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  bijgeloof (het)
French:  superstition (f)
German:  Aberglaube (m)
Italian:  superstizione
Spanish:  superstición

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