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Word of the Week--"Spontaneous"
Definition--Spontaneous - adj. doing without thinking; impulsive; unpremeditated action.

Discussion-- We tend to equate being spontaneous with being exciting. We all know people that will act impulsively without thinking of the consequences, and we tend to like these people. We admire how they can be so daring and free-spirited. Inside all of us there is someone who wants to skydive, wants to drive to Chicago at the drop of a hat, wants to put all of our money down on Red 7.

There are some drawbacks to being spontaneous, however...consequences. Often times if we act spontaneously our decisions come back to haunt us later. Spontaneous people tend to get in a lot more trouble than people who think their decisions through. For a humorous example, a former college friend of mine decided to go gambling in Windsor on a whim. He had a great time and before he knew it he had gambled away most of the money in his pocket. He didn't even have enough money to buy gas to get home (don't worry, I spotted him!)

I think everyone can benefit from being spontaneous occasionally, but the bigger decisions in life need some thought. If someone asks you if you want to get married, don't just flip a coin. Flippant decisions are often bad decisions. (Don't worry, Holly, I used a double-sided coin to make my decision!)

Etymology--Spontaneous- borrowed from Late Latin spontaneus, meaning willing, from Latin sponte, meaning of one's own accord.

Note that all of the foreign translations are derived from the same Latin root.

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  spontaan
French:  spontané(e)
German:  spontan
Italian:  spontaneo
Spanish:  espontáneo

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