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Word of the Week--"Simultaneous"
Definition--Simultaneous- adj. happening at the same time.

Discussion--Something that we have all been asked to do at some point in our life is rub our stomach and pat our head at the same time. If you successfully accomplished this feat, then you were able to perform these actions simultaneously!

Have you ever heard the phrase "Can't you walk and chew gum at the same time?" Well, people often say this to ridicule others who have difficulty with doing things simultaneously. Some people are naturally more equipped to juggle many different things in their minds, while some people like to be more focused and concentrate on one thing at a time.

I personally prefer to concentrate on one thing at a time, much unlike my mother. She likes to have five or six things going at the same time. She will simultaneously be cooking, keeping an eye on the stock market on television, carrying on a conversation with someone, while reading the recipe for whatever she is get the idea. One things for sure, if you are doing other things while cooking you had better remember to get that roast out of the oven!

Etymology--Simultaneous- an English derivative of the Latin simul, meaning at the same time.

Note that French, Italian, German and Spanish all share the common Latin root with the English translation.

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  gelijktijdig
French:  simultané(e)
German:  simultan
Italian:  simultaneo
Spanish:  simultáneo

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