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Word of the Week--"Resuscitate"
Definition--Resuscitate- v. 1. to revive from apparent death or unconsciousness.

Discussion-- I took First Aid as one of my last collegiate courses. As part of becoming certified I had to learn CPR and the art of resuscitation. We practiced on dummies (which for some reason are named Annie), learning the proper way to blow air into someone's lungs with a breathing mask, and then how to properly push on their upper abdomen area in an attempt to restart the heart. We learned how to perform the differing procedures for adults, youths, and infants. After a while it becomes difficult to keep it all straight. I imagine it would be even more difficult to recall the correct procedure if you actually had a dying or unconscious patient in front of you.

Having the knowledge that allows us to resuscitate someone brings about a certain amount of controversy. Some people do not want to be resuscitated, as they are either very elderly or extremely sick and in pain. They would prefer to let nature take its course and go peacefully. In these instances, it is possible to sign a "Do Not Resuscitate" order that lets people know of your wishes. It is a legal document that doctors must obey. It is important to put this order in writing, because if a doctor did not have the document as proof of the order he would be bound by the hypocratic oath (and hospital procedure) to do all in his power to save the dying person. My grandmother is quite elderly and she has signed a DNR order. When the time comes she wants to go in peace with her family, not with a bunch of medical people frantically trying to revive her. I think she is very wise.

Etymology--Resuscitate- from the Latin resuscitare, meaning to revive (re- again + suscitare, revive).

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  rweer bijbrengen
French:  réanimer
German:  wiederbeleben
Italian:  rianimarsi
Spanish:  resucitar

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