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Word of the Week--"Pyrotechnics"
Definition--Pyrotechnics- n. a brilliant or sensational display, used in reference to fireworks and light shows as well as dynamic speech.

Discussion-- If you have ever been to Disney World, odds are you have seen a display of pyrotechnics. Every night before the park closes they have a brilliant fireworks display over Cinderella's castle. I went there last summer and caught the whole spectacle on video camera. Unfortunately, it does not look nearly as impressive on a television.

Another venue that is no stranger to pyrotechnics is the modern rock concert. The heavy-metal group Metallica is famous for their pyrotechnic displays. However, the band's love for fiery explosions led to a near-death tragedy for their lead singer, James Hatfield. While performing, Hetfield moved too close to one of the devices that launches fireworks, and he was severely burned. Had he been even inches closer to the device he might have died.

The term pyrotechnics can also be used to refer to a dynamic speech in which the speaker is delivering his/her words with great passion. As we watch the presidential political debates unfold, keep your eye out for which speaker can deliver the most pyrotechnics. My bet is not on Al Gore.

Etymology--Pyrotechnics- formed from earlier English pyrotechnic (relating to the use fo fire in chemistry, metallurgy, etc...)

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  pyrotechniek (de)
French:  pyrotechnique
German:  Pyrotechnik (f)
Italian:  pirotecnica
Spanish:  pirotecnia

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