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Word of the Week--"Premeditate"
Definition--Premeditate- v. to plan; to think of beforehand; to plot.

Discussion-- We are most used to hearing the word premeditated in connection with murder trials. When someone is being tried for murder there is a big difference between Murder 1, which means that the killing was premeditated, and Murder 2, which means the crime was committed in the heat of the moment. The penalty for a murder that was planned and thought out is much stiffer than that which was committed impulsively. It is really an interesting concept- placing a value on the severity of a murder. Is it really better to kill someone without thinking about it? Should that really carry a lighter sentence?

Of course the word premeditation is not only used to apply to a murder. It can be used to refer to any action that involves thought prior to execution. For example, if I were to consciously run a red light, having told myself that no matter what happened I was not stopping at that light, then my traffic violation would be a premeditated act.

Right now I am performing a premeditated action as I type this Word of the Week. Hopefully I am not butchering the English language, or I am going to get charged with Murder 1!

Etymology--Premeditate- borrowed from Latin praemeditatus, past participle of praemeditari, meaning to consider beforehand.

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  beramen
French:  préméditer
German:  vorher überlegen
Italian:  premeditare
Spanish:  premeditar

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