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Word of the Week--"Perseverance"
Definition--Perseverance- n. displayed persistence towards achieving a goal.

Discussion-- The most important factor in determining whether or not you accomplish something that you set out to do is your level of perseverance, or your dedication toward achieving your goal, perhaps even despite considerable obstacles.

One man who has displayed amazing perseverance in recent years is Lance Armstrong, the two-time defending champion of the Tour de France, the premier cycling race in the world. Armstrong had to overcome cancer in the year before he won his first race, undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. This did not, however, derail him from achieving his goals. He came back from the cancer (which he was given a 20% chance of beating) stronger than ever. Armstrong now has his sights set on an Olympic gold medal.

Etymology--Perseverance- from the Latin perseverantia, meaning steadfastness, persistence.

Note that French, Italian, and Spanish all share the common Latin root with the English translation.

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  doorzettingsvermogen (het)
French:  persévérance (f)
German:  Beharrlichkeit (f)
Italian:  perseveranza
Spanish:  perseverancia

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