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Word of the Week--"oleaginous"
Definition--1) containing oil; oily. 2) unctuous; exaggerated insincerity.
Discussion--Olive oil is a blessing to cooks; it has many healthful properties and provides many of the same cooking properties as other less desirable oils and fats. Still, in general, oil tends to have negative connotations as we can see in this week's word oleaginous, which carries in meaning none of the good characteristics of the olive oil for which it is named and all the slimy characteristics that are conjured up by an oily, unctuous person. So while an oleaginous sauce might be hard on your stomach, an oleaginous person is sure to be hard on your psyche.

Etymology--Oleaginous was borrowed from the Latin oleaginus or of the olive, with olea being Latin for olive. The Latin olive root can be seen in the following languages also.

   Foreign Translations
German:  Ölartig
Dutch:  olieachtig
French:  oléagineux (-euse)
Italian:  oleaginoso
Spanish:  oleaginoso

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