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Word of the Week--"muse"
Definition: Muse- Greek mythol, also literary, art, etc. any of the nine goddesses of the art, said to be a source of creative inspiration to all artists, especially poets
Discussion-- As someone who enjoys writing, I know what it is like to sit down at my computer to write something and find myself wishing for some sort of divine aid. Tasks like painting a picture, composing a piece of music or writing a word of the week article can be tremendously difficult for the mere mortal. Fortunately, the Ancient Greeks recognized this problem and gave us the Muse.

While most of us have probably never seen an actual Muse, we have probably all experienced evidence of their existence at one time or another. How else can we explain the wonderfully inspired work of many of our great artists and musicians and poets, much less the inspiration behind this word of the week article?

Although I'm guessing that few of us know any real goddesses, I'm sure that almost all of us know someone who has the power to inspire us. Whether that inspiration manifests itself in breathtaking art, beautiful music or some simpler form of expression, most everyone has known what it is to be inspired. My theory about this is that the Muses have helpers.  

Etymology--Muse is borrowed from Old French Muse, and directly from Latin Musa, from Greek Mousa

The languages below show similar terms for Muse.

   Foreign Translations
German:  Muse (f)
Dutch:  muze (de)
French:  muse (f)
Italian:  Musa
Spanish:  musa

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