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Word of the Week--"mediocre"
Definition--of moderate to low quality, average; rather inferior.
Discussion--Some of us strive for mediocrity, but few admit it. An average or mediocre performance can cause great anguish and consternation to the performer as well as the audience. On the other hand, a mediocre seat in which to watch the performance is probably nothing to fret over.

Sometimes a mediocre grade, such as a C, is a wonderful accomplishment for a struggling student, and may mean more than an easy A.

So practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty, and celebrate mediocrity when you can!

Etymology--The term mediocre is borrowed from the Middle French médiocre, which was borrowed from the Latin mediocris. The Latin originally meant halfway up a mountain, a combination of medius (middle) and ocris (jagged mountain), and came to mean of middling or moderate quality. Today's usage has taken on a more negative connotation.

The languages below all display similar roots.

   Foreign Translations
German:  mittelmäßig
Dutch:  middelmatig
French:  médiocre
Italian:  mediocre
Spanish:  mediocre

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