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Word of the Week--"Magnanimous"
Definition-- Magnanimous - courageously noble in heart and mind. Having, or showing generosity, often in the context of being forgiving.
Discussion-- Most of us think of ourselves as being magnanimous, but are we really? How often can we let painful a personal interaction, go unchallenged? Is one magnanimous, if they are accepting of vendor who repeatedly apologizes about an unresolved problem, or are we just to wimpy too express our anger? Can one be magnanimous, when reminding people that "I told you so!"? I think not, because being magnanimous is a trait, while appearing magnanimous is really just an act. Those of us who have witnessed this "false" magnanimous behavior, on the part of a boss, teacher, parent, or even a friend, know that acting magnanimous, is just that, an act.  

Etymology - The derivation of magnanimous is directly from Latin, magnanimus, which is formed by combining magnus, or great, with animus or spirit. This derivation from "Great Spirit", is clearly appropriate, based on our usage today. Clearly, any truly magnanimous person, is someone who strives to be a great soul.

  Foreign Translations: The translations of Magnanimous for Italian, French and Spanish are clearly based on the original Latin term. German and Dutch translations are more similar to the word noble, which can be a synonym of magnanimous.
Spanish:  magnánimo
French:  magnanime
Dutch:  grootmoedig
German:  großmütig
Italian:  magnanimo

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