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Word of the Week--"knee"
Definition--knee in humans: the joint in the middle of the leg where the lower end of the femur articulates with the upper end of the tibia.

Discussion--Most all of us can identify our knee joint. The knee cap more specifically refers to the patella bone; the small triangular bone at the knee between the long leg bones (femur on the top and fibula and tibia on the bottom.)
Etymology--Knee like many words that start with "kn" comes from Old English roots. Knee comes from kne or know, which comes from the Old English cneo. These terms are derived from the Indo European base genu- which means knee or angle. The Germanic equivalent is kniwam and the Latin equivalent is genu.
You can see these roots below in the Germanic languages (German and Dutch) and the Latin root in the Romance languages, French and Russian.

   Foreign Translations
German: Knie (nt)
Dutch: de knie
French: genou(x) (m)
Italian: ginocchio

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