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Word of the Week--"jade"
Definition----the mineral nephrite or jadeite, usually of pale green color and mainly used for vases, ornaments, and gemstones.
Discussion--Unlike translucent emeralds, jade comes in many forms and colors, although it is primarily green with white swirls. You can find jade used in jewelry and ornamentally, such as vases or statues of Buddha.

The similar-sounding term jaded means to be worn out or insensitive and has an entirely different Scandinavian origin.  

Etymology--Jade came from the French le jade; earlier l'edjade, which came from the Spanish piedra de (la) ijada meaning stone of the flank. Jade was thought to cure pain in this area. The Latin root is ilia for flanks or groin.

The term has also appears in the languages shown below.

   Foreign Translations
German:  Jade (f)
Dutch:  jade (de)
French:  jade (m)
Italian:  giada
Spanish:  jade

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