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Word of the Week--"image"
Definition--1) a reproduction of the form of a person or thing, especially a portrait or sculpture. 2) a mental picture of something not present or real. 3) the general impression that people have of one's character and behavior.
Discussion--Your image refers both what you look like and how you appear to others. You could have the Armani-suited image of a cutthroat entrepreneur, while giving the image of being sweet philanthropist. Possibly neither reflects your mental image of yourself or the portrait your child painted of you. An image is basically a picture whether of a physical object or the characteristics of that object, and we all have varying images of ourselves and others.  

Etymology--Image is derived from the Latin term--imago, meaning copy, statue, picture, idea, or appearnce. These various Latin meanings gradually began to appear in English starting around 1400.

See the languages below for similar roots.

   Foreign Translations
Likeness of an object A mental picture Public image or impression
German:  Bild (nt) geistiges Bild (nt) Image (nt)
Dutch:  beeld, de afbeelding (het) beeld (het) imago (het)
French:  portrait (m) image (f), idée (f) image (f) de marque
Italian:  immagine immagine immagine pubblica
Spanish:  imagen imagen, idea imagen

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